Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ninja Turtle

Anna June spent some of her tooth fairy money on getting her face painted today. Her choice? Ninja Turtle, with yellow. (Do not argue that there are no yellow ninja turtles. Just don't.) Elaine from Painted Personalities did a great job - I love her work.
We were at CrestFest, a neighborhood event. I bought local beer, honey and hummus. AJ hula hooped and ate a banana cream Hawaiian Shaved Ice, then hula hooped some more. Unfortunately, she felt sick after the straight rush of sugar then cardio, so we headed home before I could buy art, jewelry, or candles (none of which I NEED)...
I was kind of bummed out I didn't get to say hi to everyone I wanted to. So, if I missed you, "Hi!"
Another fun party in the books!

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Anonymous said...

TLooks like. Cuddy was a ninja Turtle too?? Same color? It really was àgod paint job. SOundslike a fun event. Can she actually hula hoop? So funny to me. ThatbIwasrounnd for the invention of thebhula hoop. Jeff was very good at it..... He wona contest once at a movie theater When you visit you,ll have toseeifv he still has the moves. !! Hope you feel well today!

Anonymous said...

She looks hilariously incongruent in that girly dress and the ninja warpaint. Also,look s sort of like a member of KISS with the guitar !

Anonymous said...

Turtle child.

Laura Gallitz said...

That's actually Guthrie, and yes, he was a yellow Ninja Turtle, too. I think he was first.

Anna June can hula hoop pretty well. We have one, but the ones at the event were a little bit weighted (fitness hoops). I would love to see Uncle Jeff do it, if they have one.

The girly dress was mine from when I was about 7 - it was one of the things my grandmother saved for me. She had been to a princess birthday party and instead of wearing a costume wore that dress. At CrestFest, though, she wore it with her red cowboy boots.

Fortunately, I don't think she's aware of KISS, but I am glad she had fun playing her guitar and dressing up. She did not have fun taking it off her face. It wasn't coming off quick enough with the cold cream, so she took it upon herself to use rubbing alcohol. She learned that lesson quickly - we don't use that on our faces!