Friday, August 15, 2014

Take Two

Anna June got a second back-to-school sundae last night. Why? Because her dad missed the first one. It was my fault, yet somehow I got a second sundae as well.

Somewhere, there is a mom who had everything ready for the first day of school. She had new uniforms bought and ironed. She had groceries bought with healthy snacks prepped and in the lunch bags the night before. She had a dinner menu planned and things in the crockpot ready when she got home. She had kids who slept well and long as they dreamed of future successes. As much as I envision this person, I don't actually know her.

I don't have my act together, but maybe that's because this is not an act. AJ is a real, human kid who has a lot of varied needs, just like her parents.

Fortunately, I think he school year is going to go great. She likes her teacher and has declared that first grade is fun - she could not wait to go back today. At the same time, she was a little overwhelmed, and either never wanted to go back, or go back immediately. It's hard to process these feelings.

Mostly, she let them out by jumping her way through the grocery store and hanging on me to the point where I had to tell her to quit so I could walk. We did buy some healthy snacks, including fruit, which I did wash, cut up, and put in snack size baggies. She did get her (old) uniform ready for the next day. We did come up with a plan for dinner for some of the nights this week. We want the year to go smoothly, after all.

I'll keep looking for that perfect mom. But in the meantime, I will know that I'm doing alright if AJ is relatively healthy and happy. She's learning and likes going to school - she didn't even want me to walk her to the classroom.

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Anonymous said...

When Shenandoah started Kindergarten, I didn't do ANY shopping ---NONE-----until the night before school started. No underwear, no shoes, shirts, socks, NOTHING----because I didn't KNOW any better. I just thought that that was what one did. Needless to say, the supply and sizes in the stores was nearly depleted. I even overheard one clerk saying to her co-worker : "Can you believe some Mothers? Coming in here this late and expecting us to have the things she needs?" I was humiliated and desperate at that point. Well, I managed to find a few things, spent the whole night hemming corduroy pants ( CORDUROY!! EARLY SEPT IN WI IS USUALLY SUPER HOT!!) He went to school , looking very cute! But I learned my lesson!! I didn't want my kids worried or stressing over their appearance ever again. Later years , it was more of a money constraint thing , where in I didn't know how I was ever to afford new things for them. I didn't want for them to feel deprived, or different. So, I managed SOME HOW to pull things together. And I always tried to make sure they could buy the shoes they really wanted, so as to feel part of the trends. BUT , it was never easy... And I still have feelings of desperation that come up this time of year, especially watching you go through the preparations. And I never worked full time back then like you do now.. It sounds like she ended up w/ everything she needed. Or at least , everything that mattered to her, which is the more important thing , right ? RELAX. SHE KNOWS SHE IS LOVED, and important to us all. And cute.