Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Anna June had a great weekend, and part of that was Sunday's giant neighborhood water balloon fight, the 2nd Annual Great Water Balloon Jollification.

The back in the winter of 2012-2013, Crestwood North's neighborhood president posted that he was going to pick a day in August, when it would likely be very hot, and have a giant water balloon fight. We were not able to attend, but I saw the pictures, and it looked like fun.

This year, the event grew into an even bigger deal, with an estimated 500 neighbors in attendance. This was way better than the block party potluck we had a couple of years ago, I have to say.

On the grassy area near the tennis courts at Crestwood Park, an elaborate water balloon filling apparatus was set up, including PVC pipe with spouts for the purpose. Volunteers began filling balloons about 10:00 AM, under the six tents. They then used baby pools to contain the filled plastic bags of balloons.

Shortly after the event began at 2:00, games started. First, there was a bucket toss. Then, there was an old-fashioned water balloon toss. I got sidetracked and lost count of all the fun games. There were lots of prizes from local businesses featured.

In the area, there was a table handing out body paint and some paint-filled balloons. There was a bake sale and lemonade stand. There was a DJ spinning family-friendly tunes. There was a dunking booth!

Our friends went last year, and they were prepared. They had a cooler filled with their own water balloons and super-soaker type devices. AJ and Cuddy got into the water balloons before the designated water balloon fight time, and, well, they used them all up. Mostly on AJ asking Cuddy to throw them at her.

AJ's favorite part were the two giant tarps turned into slip-and-slides by a real fire hose.

OK, so my photos were not great. Fortunately, there were lots of real photographers there, including one from al.com. I refer you to their article, complete with AJ in one of the pictures (number 20 of 27).

After the games were over, there was the actual water balloon fight. I didn't throw any, except one at Anna June, at her request. I did get hit in the eye, enough to knock the prescription sunglasses right off my head. I had a brief Velma moment ("My glasses!") because I was scared of them getting trampled, but I recovered.

Besides worrying over the black eye forming, my least favorite part was picking up the water balloon pieces, but that was turned into a game, too. You were encouraged to weigh in your bag of scraps for a prize. We didn't win top collectors, but won a bag of water balloons!

My favorite part was getting to see a ton of people I know, from various places (work, PTA, friends of my siblings, friends of my parents, neighbors, business owners) all coming together for one reason - to get soaking wet! It was a really hot and sunny day. Here are my tips for myself for next year:

1. Apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before leaving the house. The lady with the giant gun of sunscreen was actually not that helpful.
2. Fill and bring our own water balloons, immediately before leaving the house, in a cooler that rolls or a bucket with wheels (trash can?). It is a long way to the car.
3. Bring a bag and a beach towel and set up shop in the shade. People can come by and see me. Plus, this way I will not end up carrying AJ's flip flops the entire party.
4. RSVP - that way I can know who is coming and vice versa, hoping not to miss anyone.
5. Bring a wallet, pockets, or a fanny pack - there was a food truck and 2 vendors selling snow cones. I bet we would have liked to have had some, but our money was all the way in the shopping center parking lot. Did I mention it was hot?
6. Wear a bathing suit, even under shorts.
7. Bring a towel, at least to the car.
8. Don't make plans immediately following - AJ had a change of clothes, but I just went wet.

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Anonymous said...

This is, without a doubt, the most funnest thing I HAVE EVER heard of a neighborhood doing!!!!! This sounds like an event made in Kiddie heaven. AJ and I had a GREAT deal of fun , during our water war--despite ALL of our balloons popping before hand. Did she happen to take the water blaster s that we used ??