Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Give a Fig

Anna June is a good helper. After the water balloon party a couple of weeks ago, we went to Aunt Connie's house to harvest some figs - they were just ripening in her orchard (six trees).

The reason we went then was to meet our cousin Judy, who also loves to pick and eat figs. But this year, she's recovering from a broken arm and couldn't pick them herself.

Judy wrote, "Since I was a very small child, I have loved figs.  It goes way back to the days when Big Boy (i.e. my granddaddy) always had a fig tree in our yard.  No longer having a tree, I rely heavily on friends and family for some of that delicious fruit.  Well, spending almost all summer with my arm in either a cast or a brace made picking figs impossible even when there were trees available for me to 'rob'.  Good old A.J. and her Aunt Connie to the rescue.  I brought home a huge bag full of the most delicious ones ever on August 10.  I thought of making preserves, but the figs disappeared before that could get done.  Thanks, A.J. and Connie and Laura, they were so much appreciated."  

We are glad to have helped! Although we didn't take any home from this trip, we ate more that came from my granddaddy's tree. Glad to know we're carrying on a generations-old family tradition. 

This was actually my first time picking figs, but something AJ has done for several years. I learned you pick them when they are squishy because they don't ripen further afterwards. They're pricey at the grocery store, so it's good to know our family will share! 

(Photos courtesy Judy Smith)


Anonymous said...

Yummy!!!! It still blows my mind that you guys have FIGS growing by you!!! Something you don't hear of in Wisconsin !!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, I guess we have a similar climate to the Middle East. Maybe we should grow grapes instead.