Thursday, August 21, 2014


I took Anna June for her 6-year-old checkup before school started. Yes, I realize that she turned 6 in March, but on her birthday she had a stomach virus. We've certainly been to the doctor frequently enough.

When I called to set up the appointment, I asked to be sure, "Have I brought her for a well visit since she turned six?"

The response was, "No, you haven't brought her for a checkup since 2012." So I missed the 5-year-old checkup completely. I'll be over here waiting for my mother of the year award.

Anyway, she is fine.

Here's the update.

1. She is TALL. She measured 49.5 inches. This is still "on the chart" as Dr. Walley said, but she is in the 97th percentile.

2. She is not heavy. She weighed 49 pounds. This puts her in the 75th-95th percentile.

3. If she catches strep one more time before Thanksgiving, she will be referred to have her tonsils out. Four times in six months was rough. Please continue to pray, along with AJ, that she does not get it again any time soon. The doctor was not optimistic about this.

4. They don't have the flu mist available yet, but it is coming soon. She will get it when they have it. Flu mist, Dr. W says, is better than flu shots. AJ doesn't have to have any other vaccines (besides annual flu mist) until she is going in 6th grade.

We should continue annual checkups until she's about 12. If I remember.


Anonymous said...

Wow--A pound per SQUARE INCH !!glad to hear that she is doing well!! No glasses in her future yet? ( actually, that is not a given ...) So , what IS with her tonsils, anyway? Are they unusually large , or with 'folds" ? I am not a fan of yanking those things out------ I understand that they are the first line of defense AGAINST strep going down deeper, to the heart . Of course, I understand your desperation , and how sick she gets , stc. What's a MOM to do , hey????

Laura Gallitz said...

Her eyesight is fine. We went to the eye doctor on the 13th. We'll continue to do that annually as well.

I did not know to ask specifics on her tonsils. An ENT surgeon may not think a tonsillectomy is necessary. We will cross that bridge when we (hopefully never) get there.