Friday, August 8, 2014


Anna June wasn't in the best mood this morning. She didn't like the shirt I picked out for her - it was blue with hearts on it. She asked if she could wear her Critter Camp shirt, which is bright orange. I told her it was fine. She has that good Gallitz olive skin, and looks great in orange. Neither Ben nor I like the color, which may have to do with sports teams, but I, for one, am like Elaine Benes on the last episode of Seinfeld, screaming that she simply cannot wear that color.

As she came out of the bathroom, I heard her quietly singing, "Rocky Top, Tennesee."

I stopped her in her tracks. She was wearing bright orange and singing the University of Tennesee fight song? I asked her if she was becoming a Tennessee fan. She denied it. I told her father about it. He was also incredulous, and extremely suspicious.

"Where did you hear that song?" he asked. I am betting on a camp counselor, but I asked, "Did Aunt Liz teach you that?"

I didn't truly suspect Liz, as she converted from Tennessee orange to marry in to our family. Also, she taught her son Wesley how to say Roll Tide. And it is the cutest thing. Ever.

In Alabama, as culture dictates, one must choose a team: Alabama or Auburn. While my brother Drew and other relatives have attended Auburn, my parents began dating while they were students at the University of Alabama. So, you know, Roll Tide. Ben and I like Alabama, but we're UAB alumni, and, dog gone it, we have a football team, too. Go Blazers! Do you know one thing Alabama. Auburn, and UAB fans have in common? We all pretty much hate the University of Tennessee!

Ben immediately opened YouTube on his phone and played "On Wisconsin!" for AJ with the sing-along lyrics to try to wash away the orange-coated Volunteer spirit that may have invaded our home.

We will continue to work to combat this blasphemy. We have 22 days until the season opens.


Drew Tucker said...

Well...who's the culprit??

Laura Gallitz said...

She would not say. She claimed the wearing of the color and singing of Rocky Top were coincidental. I ate lunch with her at camp today, and I had my eyes out for any orange or UT related stuff, but no one stood out.

Anonymous said...

Well, I LOVE that song. And didn't know that it had anything to do w/ a Tennessee University. And , I'm also not saying that I taught it to her. I.m just saying , that if it is the mountain music song "Rocky Top", it's a damn great song !

bvigorda said...

You just need a few more very loyal and sneaky spies to get to the bottom of this travesty! Funny story:-)

Anonymous said...

" ON WISCONSIN": not so much. Doesn't have the same draw as : "....on good ole Rocky Top ...." ( I think Paul McCartney owns the right s to " On Wisconsin "why?? oh. WHY ?????)

Laura Gallitz said...

Good news! On Wisconsin is in the public domain in the US - no royalties due to Sir Paul.