Thursday, July 24, 2014

What's New?

Anna June rushed us out the door this morning, saying she had to be at camp on time. She didn't know why, but she said they were told to be on time.

I knew why - it's the Summer Undergrad Research Expo. Hopefully, lots of students will be showing off their posters at the Rec Center, and also hopefully, the campers will not be in the way. Maybe AJ will be inspired to see so many young people working so hard.

While we are rushing from one place to another, not much is new.

AJ is still worried about what teacher she will get. She's looking forward to a play date this weekend. We're gearing up to go to the beach. Work is busy. Volunteer life is non-stop. School supplies have been purchased. I'm waiting until the last minute for uniforms because AJ is growing at a rapid pace. Her shorts from the beginning of the summer have become short shorts!

We went to Rusty's the other day and spotted the new neon sign. That's something new, at least.

What's new with you?


Anonymous said...

Well. I painted the front steps yesterday; I started that project last summer!Nonny woke me up at about 0300 last noc, to report that she had a bat flying around her room. SAid bat rivaled the proportions as that reported on by Rachel at "Objectivity,etc. "blog. It was behind her dresser when we found it, but dt our bungled and hysterical attempts to caTCH it, crawled into her closet. her CLOSET! HAve you ever seen Nonny's closet???? Actually, her closet wasn't too bad , having been recently cleaned, and the wooden floor was a better bat catching site. But quite a few boxes and bins needed to be moved, and there it was ! It flew up into the clothes as Nonny went downstairs for something, but quickly dropped down and started crawling out of the closet. Then it must have remembered that it had wings and could fly, 'cause it took flight --RIGHT FOR ME !! I batted it down with the mop I HAD in hand, and there it lay , with the full wingspan outstretched !I was super scared to get very close, but it was making to fly again, so I got her waste basket over it. Slipped a placemat under the waste basket and duct taped it shut. I think that by this AM , it had asphixiATED. AnY HOW, Nonny is taking it to the HEalth department to be checked for rabies--------not that we think she wa s bitten, but just to know. And Iiii will need to investigate to see if there is any of its relatives roosting , God knows where. Also, the dogs killed a possum the day before , and I had to bury that ugly thing. That is all that is new, I think.

Laura Gallitz said...

Wow - that's incredible! I am glad you two were not injured.

That is dedication to bury a dead possum! I would have just made Ben throw it away.

Anonymous said...

Oh-and I bought a really cute "bottle stopper " at the G dub---it was a whale' I just washed it and noted that the cork was removable' It is filled with Marijuana!!!!/

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, that is certainly something you don't see every day!

Anonymous said...

Which, BTW, has been disposed of-container and all--( even tho it was REALLY cute). I don't need somebodies demons in my house!

Laura Gallitz said...

Good thing this post will not incriminate you.

bvigorda said...

And I'd like to know how you knew it was marijuana Miss Annie :-)
Big sister is watching you!