Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Request

In the car this morning, Anna June and I were having an interesting conversation.

It started with her asking, "How will I know when my teacher's birthday is?"

I told her that was a good question. Perhaps I could ask that all the teachers' birthdays be added to the school calendar. Or maybe I could ask the room parent (if I am not that person) to get that info to the parents of our class. Or maybe, if her teacher is on Facebook, I could just look it up, as many people share their birthdays. I may be able to see it, because I am friends with AJ's two former teachers (and teacher's assistant) that may be mutual friends.

That brought AJ's mind to Facebook, the main waster of time in my life, but also the source of much joy, entertainment, and enlightenment. There, I learn about and participate in my community, as well as get to see adorable baby and pet photos.

AJ asked that I stop posting about her on Facebook.


Granted, she doesn't hear about the job opportunities I repost, the interesting articles I find, or the hilarious stuff I tell 400 of my closest friends regularly. But she does hear, "I saw your cow costume on Facebook!" or "I heard about your medal on Facebook."

So I can see why she gets embarrassed.

Even though nine times out of ten (or even more than that) I am only posting because she is an awesome kid. Smart, funny, beautiful, mature, interesting, inquisitive, etc.

I mean, I didn't even post the best thing she's said recently, which is, "I hope the Brewers go to the Super Bowl."

Because that would have been embarrassing.

In fact, someone posted a picture of a kid holding up a sign over his face, that said, "Don't post my messes - only successes." I have been trying to take this to heart - I even showed it to Ben, who rightly avoids Facebook like the plague that it is.

But sometimes some of the things Anna June does or says are just so darn cute! She's only six - she's not a "little" girl any longer. She can give directions, take lessons, read stories, make sandwiches, and clean a toilet. I am not going to get very many more adorable moments. She will be a tween before I know it. I feel like I have to take all the adorable moments and announce them to the world because soon enough there will be boys and serious causes and eye rolling at my old-fogey ways.

The eye-rolling may or may not have already begun.

I have failed majorly at keeping AJ on the blog and myself on Facebook. I am more than just AJ's press agent, and more than just her mother. I was around for 30 years before she got here, and many of my FB friends knew me then. It's time I go back to posting stuff about me that's worth sharing, and not just her stuff.

I will try to rectify this, and to honor her wishes.

I've asked everyone to hold me to it. If they are actually my friends, they will.


bvigorda said...

You are a good writer Laura

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks. Sometimes I get lucky.