Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Bike Debacle

Anna June was making progress learning how to ride her bike. We liked the Balance Buddy for a little bit. But we still had problems. The main problem - Ben can't run behind her to hold her up as she learns to ride faster, but she can't balance on her own.

So we decided to go back to training wheels.

There's evidently a bias in the children's bike world. Kids on 20" bikes are supposed to be able to ride already. When we bought the bike, we didn't think it would be so hard.

So when I was at Target, I found these, allegedly for 16"-20" bikes.

The trouble is that the axle on AJ's bike was not long enough to support this particular type of training wheel. Ben tried and tried, but just could not make them go on.

Installing them was quite another issue. When he was attaching them, a washer flew off into the grass. We searched and searched and searched but could not find it. Later, when we had given up and AJ was not even home, we found it. We tried again to attach the stupid things, but they wouldn't work.

I had heard of a bike co-op nearby that may be able to help. They fix bikes of all types, and keep parts around, so we went over one night after dinner to see if they would happen to have some 20" training wheels that would work. They did not. In appreciation for their work and in the spirit of community that a co-op brings, and knowing that we would have no further use for them, I just donated the training wheels.

We went home and Ben was searching on Amazon, only to find that they actually sell axle extenders that would have made the dang wheels work. But it was too late.

So, now, I have called three places. The bike shop close to us does not have any in stock (just sold the last ones)!  The bike shop not too far has them. But then there's this other non-profit that gives bikes to kids. They have some on an old bike out back that they can transfer to AJ's bike. Here's keeping our fingers crossed that they can do some magic and the kid can learn how to ride!

Then we'll have to work on getting a bike rack to put it on. Transporting it inside the Scion is difficult at best. We've already managed to lose the tassels off one handlebar doing this. Also, there are spiders in our shed, despite our best efforts to keep them at bay. The last time we took the bike anywhere, AJ started screaming like she was on fire. We discovered that she saw a spider on her bike. Luckily, Ben had been through this before and did not have a wreck.

One crisis at a time, please.

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