Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Recap: Week 2

Because of my scheduling debacle, Anna June ended up with a shortage of camp weeks this year. So I turned to friends who overwhelmingly suggested the Wacky Nanny Art Camp held at Community Education South, located in the former Comer Elementary School. This place is around the corner from my parents, and back in the day was our afternoon bus stop home.

I didn't know how much AJ would like it, but I knew it would be convenient.

Actually, AJ was quite apprehensive about going to art camp. Looking logically, it is hard to understand, because that kid loves arts and crafts. But she also hates change. So I was bracing for the worst.

Luckily, there was no need.

The camps alternate weeks of "big" kids and "little" kids. Fortunately, AJ was with the big kids. I think this alone helped tremendously - she is so mature and seems to do better with the older children. They had some "free" art time at the beginning of the day. They could make whatever they wanted. AJ loved this - this is her favorite thing about arts and crafts. I have tons of ideas from Pinterest, and she has several art kits, but she loves more than anything to just be handed free reign over what she gets to do.

Furthermore, her teacher showed her the basics of sewing (hand-stitching). She was in absolute heaven. She has wanted to learn to sew and knit for a long time, but I am just now realizing she may actually be ready as far as her hand-eye coordination goes. Also, I cannot teach her these things - she will have to have lessons from someone else. With this introductory week, AJ made two pillows for her dolls.

Other activities of the week included paper-mache, tie-dying t-shirts, making their own pizzas, and "water day," which involved an inflatable slide and kiddie pool.

There were enough other kids to make it interesting, but not so many that AJ couldn't get the attention she needed.

The week closed with an "art show" where the parents could come see all the works the kids had made during the camp.

This camp was only a half day, so my Mom got to pick her up and keep her in the afternoons.

Here are some of the things she brought home:
She already wants to go back next year.


Anonymous said...

I can not compete. I am SO hoping I won't bore her to tears.

bvigorda said...

I wish they had like buttons on blogs like on Facebook. Anyway, like :-)

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks! This year of experimenting with camp has been good so far.