Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shoe Shopping

Anna June has all the shoes she needs.

Actually, I took this picture nearly a month ago. The other day, she was walking in to church, and the pair of black shoes she was wearing fell apart. When we got home, she tried on her other black shoes, and they no longer fit.

We went to The Outlet Shops of Grand River on Sunday, and luckily, we found some at The Children's Place outlet. They were on sale. We got her a nightgown, too, so she could stop wearing the long-sleeved Hello Kitty nightgown that she adores but makes her too hot to sleep. (It is currently July in Alabama.)

We got a size 1. As in, 13.5 was the last kid size and now we have moved on to big people's sizes.

I will repeat: she has all the shoes she needs. It will make me too sad if we have to buy any more.


Anonymous said...

Implied , but not stated: " AJ has all the shoes that she needs, GRANNY !" Okay, okay, I hears ya. HOWEVER, I do have at least one pair of size ones that are probably appropriate for school. PLEASE, may I still send them down ??????Pretty please?(MAN ! That IS a WHOLE LOTTA SHOES !!!!!!!!)

Laura Gallitz said...

Of course! She did choose to give away a few of these pairs, so it's not as many now as it was then. Thanks for all of these - most were definitely from you.