Monday, July 21, 2014

On a Roll

Anna June got to go to her friend Maddie's birthday party at Skates 280 on Saturday. She had a great time. We counted 34 laps that she went around the rink. She really was getting the hang of it this time. I am pretty sure it was because a) she had done it before b) I didn't try to help this time. Instead, I just watched quietly from the sidelines. She is really impressive in her determination. One of the party favors was a gift certificate to come back for free admission, and AJ is very excited about using it before it expires next month.


Anonymous said...

Oh, GOOD for her!!!!!!! That looked to be a really fun party., AND , you've gone and done it again---posted a picture of a birthday cake --- A GIANT BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Now. I HAVE to have some.. ( AS you saw me eat a ginormous carrot cake ALL BY MYSELF at your house, the craving is serious. SERIOUS!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I almost didn't post the cake picture because of the face Maddie is making, but I just thought the cake was so cute!

bvigorda said...

Anna June looks so cute in her photos and I love her red skates.