Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Anna June had a great time while Granny was in town. Because we had access to her creativity, and because AJ was not stuck in camp all week, we encouraged AJ to participate in Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A. Those who came dressed as cows got free food. We had never dressed up before, but this year, it seemed like a good idea.

AJ thought so, too.

Granny worked hard on AJ's costume. AJ already had the cow ears/horns headband from a random trip to Bargain Hunt. Maybe we were thinking ahead - this does come around every year.

AJ was by far the best dressed cow at the Eastwood location. More people came dressed up than you would think. Folks love free. I even have a friend who took her kids there for lunch AND dinner.

Granny made sure of every detail: a swishy tail from pipe cleaners, a nose from a cup, hooves from long black socks, and even pink felt udders. I guess asking a Wisconsin native to create a cow costume was a good idea.

As soon as AJ got out of the car, she was starting to get freaked out by all the attention. She was in tears before we ordered our food. She claimed to be hot, even though her costume was a T-shirt and shorts. I was at work and met them there, so I give Ben all the credit for bringing along a change of clothes for her, in case our shy girl imploded with all the attention. I think she was tired from spending the week playing with Granny, and she may have had a smidge of an elevated temperature. I blame the six-year-molar that is trying to finally erupt.

At least she waited to change until after we got credit for the free food. It was all I could ask.

Sounds kind of smart to me!

CFA cow photo courtesy Chick-fil-A at Eastwood Village's Facebook page.

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bvigorda said...

So cute! Granny really had fun with that I'll bet!

Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoyed all of the medical people who came with exam gloves blown up and taped on as udders! THE adults far outnumbered the kids at the lunch session ! AJ should hold on to the 'nose', in case Rusty ever has the need for a PIG mascot; it looked more like a pig nose than a cow !!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I thought it looked exactly like a cow nose, but what do I know? We are definitely keeping the whole costume. You never know when you might need to be a cow on short notice.