Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hair and its Care

Anna June has always been subjected to people talking about her hair. It's beautiful in all of its iterations, but lately, the very blond and very curly hair has been getting straighter and darker. It is still wavy, but the ringlets are disappearing.

May we have a moment of silence for the ringlets that once were.

Because we had a bout of head lice in the fall, we are VERY aware of the issues that can bring. AJ heard about a girl who had lice at camp, and even though she's not in AJ's age group and they don't really know each other, I still had a nightmare that I had lice.

AJ's counselor played with her headband yesterday, and AJ did not put it back in her own hair, but came home saying we had to throw it out or find a way to clean it. I wiped it down with alcohol. It looks OK. I told her grownups don't usually get lice, but I still had that dream.

AJ wanted to wash her brush with shampoo. I let her do it. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention. We leave her hair dirty and when we do wash it, we use tea tree oil shampoo in case that really helps.

A counselor at camp is very good at braiding - AJ came home with French-braided pigtails the other night - it was just beautiful, but I forgot to take a picture. Maybe she'll do it again. I sent the brush and two ponytail holders just in case.

After all, braids seem to prevent loose hair that lice seem to love.

AJ's bangs are growing out, but right now she's still in the awkward phase of needing them pulled back. Above are some up-dos that Granny tried when she was here. She can actually braid! AJ thinks she can braid, but she doesn't get everything. I try and fail - maybe her hair just does not want to be tamed.

Today she settled for a plastic headband - easier to clean than the fabric covered ones. Just in case.


Anonymous said...

Geesh, I was more or less just fiddling w/ her hair, not REALLY making a 'do'; Especially w/ only one bobby pin , and no elastic bands. I was shocked that pictures were taken. That being said, AJ does have BEAUTIFUL HAIR. And the pictures do not always do it justice. It has golden highlights and blondness around the hairline , with beautiful wispy curls around the hairline too. She will always have those, I think, even if her very curliness doesn't stay. , SO , HER REAL UPDOS AND PULLED BACK DOS WILL ALWAYS BE PARTICULARLY BEAUTIFUL. and SHE HAS A REALLY NICE TEXTURE TO HER HAIR. I am so sorry that the vermin experiences traumatized you guys so much.

Laura Gallitz said...

I think I just took the picture so I could show her what it looked like. She only asked me for 1 bobby pin - I have lots but rarely use them.