Sunday, June 15, 2014

Salute to Dads

Anna June and I have been scrolling through Facebook this morning, looking at everyone's posts of pictures of their dads. I started looking through my pictures, and seeing if I could find anything post-worthy.

First of all, here is a picture of my dad, on Anna June's first birthday.

I started looking for a picture of my Granddaddy Elwyn, and this is a good one, taken not too long before he died:

I also have a good picture taken at Rusty's BBQ with my Granddaddy Jerome:

AJ also has some good ones with her Grandpa. I love this one:

And there are lots of pictures of AJ with her dad, but here is one of my very favorite:

Happy Father's Day!


bvigorda said...

Lovely photos!!!

Anonymous said...

A blessing on each one of these mens' heads; they all love Anna June so much, and are so important in her life.

Laura Gallitz said...

Thank you! We had a good Father's Day.