Friday, May 16, 2014

The Surprise

Anna June's cousin Teygan turned 4.

On the day of her birthday party (a day before her birthday), we had a very busy day.

First, it was Birmingham's Hazardous Waste Collection Day. This doesn't seem like a big deal, but we've been debating about what to do with all the paint left under our house for eleven years. That's more than a decade of procrastination. I think when we bought the house, the Hazardous Waste day wasn't invented yet. Hoover had one, but it was only for residents (strictly enforced). Since AJ came along, it hadn't been a priority, but something had to be done.

So we went out to Legion Field and dropped it off. Then, we high-tailed it a back way (that I knew existed!) to West Homewood Park where she had a make-up tennis lesson. We arrived right on time, despite our late start due to an unplanned exit by Radar. He heard us loading up stuff and, well, he wanted to go!

After the lesson, we went straight down to Teygan's party, and we made it there about 15 minutes late, which, considering AJ had to change from her sweaty shorts outfit into a dress (yes, I am that mother), I thought it was pretty good.

We pulled up and saw a car with a Wisconsin tag. Knowing how big Kym and Ken's families are, and knowing I hadn't actually talked to them in a while, I commented that it could be anyone. When we walked in the door, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw it was none other than AJ's Grandpa and Grammy! So excited! We were so shocked it took me quite some time to actually notice the decorations and beautiful cake. It was a true surprise.

It was a beautiful party. The theme was Frozen! Here are some of the best photos:

This photo does not do it justice. It was an awesome cake, built by Kym and her friend Kat. The fondant was mint flavored. Fantastic!

 Teygan got an Elsa dress. Her friend had an Anna dress.


 We made these two promise not to do that again.


Anonymous said...

I finally saw Frozen . It was okay, but I but I found the music forgettable, compared to, ' Beauty and the Beast', or 'Pocahontas', or 'Ariel' or the Russian one (?) I know that it taps in to something primal in little kids , though.! Kim does do a great party each year , tho, doesn't she? tHAT radar!! he RUNS FOR IT WHEN IT IS THE LEAST CONVENIENT , DOES'NT HE !

Laura Gallitz said...

I thought Frozen was fantastic, if only because I preferred the story.

What Russian one? Anastasia? I don't think that is a Disney movie.

Radar was upset because we were making a lot of ruckus under the house. He was ready to go, too. We could have brought him, in retrospect, if we hadn't been ready to go test drive cars in the afternoon.

Laura Gallitz said...

Which of course you didn't say Anastasia was a Disney movie - I'm just saying it is hard to compete with Disney.

Anonymous said...

YES! I DID mean 'Anastasia'! But I DID NOT know that it wasn't a Disney film ! I even had to go scrounge for the tape to check that out ! But YOU ARE RIGHT about it ! It is done in the best tradition of Disney , I think !I LOVE the theme song ! I HATE RASPUTIN AND ALL OF HIS scenes!! You are VERY GOOD at paying attention to the details!(which is probably something you do every day at your work !)Tanks for the enlightenment!

Anonymous said...