Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happiness Days 22-28

If Anna June had been in charge of this project, it would have been done better. That girl is task-oriented. She even asked me to print her out a math worksheet the other day.

Dropped off pop tabs at Ronald McDonald House. #100happydays #day21 #walking #VitaminD #gifts
(Correction: this was day 22)

My daughter wove this for me. #100happydays

Baking all the things. #100happydays

Today's numbers at my Benevolent Fund campaign event. #givehelpgivehope #100happydays #som #dopm #uabbenevolentfund
Got to hang out with this guy at work today for a bit. #100happydays #uabbenevolentfund #handinpaw #hip #corgi
This one didn't get an Instagram post, but I did put it on Facebook. This made me pretty darn happy, I've got to say. I guess this would be Day 27

Riding the carousel never gets old. Again, I didn't post this, but it would have been Day 28.


Anonymous said...

AJ looks so sweet in that pic w/ he r Gramma and Grandpa!AND , she is in SMOCK! ( That is SUCH a Southern thing !) LOVE THE HOT PAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I'll have to put it her ear how much I would LOVE to have one of those !) The dog is a Corgi, no ? Looks like a FOX !SO, one of the things keeping you busy is the Benevolent fund , eh ? Numbers are looking good .Is AJ helping this year ? That was a WHOLE lotta BAking if very yummy looking things!! Benevolent BAke sale ??

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, AJ had fun with the surprise visit from Grammy and Grandpa. I'm glad I changed her from her sweaty tennis clothes into a dress for the special occasion.

Yes, smocking is a Southern thing, but this is store-bought smock, from Gymboree. It came in a box from you, possibly via Erika, because we had this dress in a smaller size at one point also.

I will get her to try to make you a pot holder. She tried to make one without the loom the other day to no avail. We will get her to try again now that she has a request.

The Benevolent Fund for UAB Medicine (including the School of Medicine where my division is) runs the whole month of April. I didn't do nearly as much as I should have, but if the SOM did not reach its goal, I would be surprised. We had a lot of support from our leadership, which is a wonderful thing.

We did not do a bake sale this year - I have another post brewing about the event. In this picture, I have made-from-scratch oatmeal raisin cookies, made from a box lemon squares - both of which were part of the refreshments for the party. And a cherry Kool-Aid pie, which was the grand prize.