Friday, April 11, 2014


Anna June had to stay home from school again today.

We went to pick her up from after school care yesterday and her teacher reported she had not been feeling well. We had a suspicion that might happen, so, like the helicopter parents we are, we brought along our trusty (although probably inaccurate) ear thermometer. In the car, we saw her temperature was once again 100, the demarcation point for staying home.

We did not stay for Arts Night. AJ was beside herself. She screamed and cried in the car. We knew she was looking forward to performing, but she simply couldn't be around the other kids to get them sick(er).

For the first time, she started using manipulative language in the car. She said, "If you love me, you would let me stay." We calmly explained that it was precisely because we loved her that we were not making her stay up late and instead, going to let her eat supper and get in bed. And we love the other kids, too, so we didn't want them sick. But AJ kept saying things like, "Somebody save me!" Pitiful.

We ran through the drive-through and got home and ate. By the time the ibuprofen kicked in, AJ felt well enough to give us our own private performance. She recited a 2-line poem about a balloon and a rainbow, and asked us to turn on some music so she could dance.

We finally calmed her down and she got in bed. I told her she should sleep as late as possible.

This morning, I stayed home with her. She finally came out of her room about 9:15, with hunger being the force that drove her out.

Then, I called the doctor. She could be seen at 11:00.

We eventually got dressed and went.

It was not a busy day at the doctor's office, thank goodness. We were seen quickly.

Dr. Mays saw that AJ had a slight ear infection, in one ear, which partially explained why AJ suddenly DID NOT want us to take her temperature in her ear (although she did not want us to do it any other way, either).

She noted the swollen glands near AJ's throat and my report that she had been "stuffy" and determined that AJ would need to have her throat swabbed yet again, although because her fever was not high, she did not order blood work.

AJ burst into tears, and basically cried and whimpered until well after the procedure was over. Dr. Mays explained that they would not do the "rapid strep" test, as that test only detects whether or not the germ is present, and because AJ was only sick with strep 2 weeks ago (or less), the germ would still be there, whether or not it was alive. Instead, she ordered the "overnight" culture. It was just our luck that it is a Friday, so we will not know results until Monday. The main purpose for this is to document the case of strep, in the event that AJ keeps coming down with it and they recommend a tonsillectomy. We hope this is not necessary. AJ is absolutely terrified of the thought of that procedure.

Either way, Dr. Mays prescribed an antibiotic which evidently tastes horrible. She said it should kill both the ear infection and strep, if present. 10 days, 2 times per day. May God have mercy on us trying to get Anna June to take 6 mL of it at each dose. She put up quite the fight this afternoon.

She also said AJ is good for regular activity tomorrow if we don't detect a fever tonight. We've checked her a couple of times and so far, so good, but I hate to jinx it like I did yesterday.

We heard that Arts Night was wonderful, with the parents getting to be "students" in music class and seeing the art in the hallways. We heard the night before at the PTA cookout was also awesome, with Jones Valley Teaching Farm bringing their bicycle-powered smoothie maker and the kids jumping in a bounce house. And we heard Career Day today was fantastic, with representatives from all kinds of businesses, including the newspaper/ I am so very sad AJ had to miss it.

Instead, we watched a couple of  kids movies. We did our nails. Actually, AJ did her nails while I did mine. Then, she decided she wanted to venture into the world of nail art, and she wanted stripes on her nails. This was, naturally, beyond her skill set, and she made a gigantic mess. I removed her polish job on her fingers and I started over. This time, we did a blue background. And we let them dry all through dinner. Later, I went back and painted stripes on them using the head of a straight pin. I thought they looked terrible, but AJ was very proud of them.

Now, if we can only get her to bed tonight...

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I hardly know what to say. I am feeling so bad for AJ right now. You are right...... her bewailing of her losses and misses at school was pitiful..........................I guess that we just hope for the best from here on out. Nonny just started an ABX for her ear and sinuses too. Spring sucks lemons at times YOU GUYS ALL HANG IN THERE!!