Thursday, April 3, 2014

Turkey News

The wild turkey that Anna June spotted is a hen, according to my neighbors. She is big, and, yes, I still think she is pretty. This is the picture I got on Tuesday morning from the car. On Wednesday, my neighbor got several pictures of her in our backyard. His are better than mine, but since they are not mine I will leave them alone.


Anonymous said...

--and DUMB. Did I mention just how dumb these birds are? That they drown if they are out in rain, looking up at the sky, being too DUMB too lower their heads!!TRUE!! Anyway, I will allow that they are LARGE, and being large, are rather impressive, especially being in a habitat where they do not belong. Despite being a challenged species, I have always rather enjoyed seeing them in the wild, usually running about 60 mph along side the highway, as if racing against the cars zipping along . I hope your Turkey fares well in your neighborhood, coming to no harm. Tell AJ they do not make good pets.

Laura Gallitz said...

I hope our turkey makes it through our current rainstorm! And if she does, I hope she survives the coyotes! Good to know they are fast!