Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Things I Find

Anna June really made a nice effort on my birthday. My birthday was in December. Now it is April.

We were very busy this December, between Christmas programs and shopping, rushing here and there and then, unfortunately, getting sick.

I didn't post about what a lovely time I had, the nice gifts I got, and the fantastic cards I received. I have most of them on the top of my hutch at work. When I went to put a new figurine there on Friday, I thought, "I should probably take these down," now that it's April and all.

Then I thought, "Nah." Not yet.

First I need to add the card that AJ made me to the collection. Here it is:

Maybe I'll take them down in June.


Anonymous said...

GIRL! YOU ARE SERIOUSLY BEHIND YOURSELF! And, this is coming from someone who is the Queen of it . You weren't kidding about her B-day pictures , were you . (sigh )

Anonymous said...

Some day I hope to have a note like that of my own. AN UNSOLICITED one.

Anonymous said...


Laura Gallitz said...

I am finding it more difficult than usual to keep up. Work, AJ's school and activities (and all the times she says she is bored), lots of family stuff, housework (occasionally), etc. Also, my current internet browser at work does not work with Blogger, the platform I use to blog. I am not allowed to download a new browser for security reasons, and I can't ask anyone to do it since it is not for work. So I will have to work harder to squeeze in blogging at home.

As for writing notes to you, I don't know about unsolicited. AJ will sometimes write something if someone prods her.