Tuesday, April 15, 2014

'Splainin to Do

Sometimes, Anna June has to back up and explain herself. As do I.

As I mentioned yesterday, I posted my first #100daysofhappy blog post from the doctor's office.

When I posted these pictures on Instagram, I had a caption and hashtags to go along with them. These I did not carry over. So there were some confused comments. I will add the descriptions and post explanations here. Also, for the sake of variety, I will try to post the non-filtered pictures.

Day 1 - Radar
We adopted Radar in October 2006 from our local animal control. It hasn't been easy to be dog owners, but it makes me happy that this puppy who once ran the streets now hangs out on a comfy bed with people who love him. #100daysofhappy #bjcanimalcontrol #dogsofinstagram #Radar #luckydog #luckyhumans

Don't forget about this little guy. He's still a force to be reckoned with. He got out in the rain the other day, causing major delays in work (but not school). He actually bit Ben because he was mad he was leaving (and came back and left again). He does OK when we all three leave at once but if one leaves the pack, Radar gets mad. Crotchety old dog. 

Day 2 - Hot tea, hold the caffeine

I don't do coffee or caffeine (weird, I know), but I sure do love starting my day with a hot tea. #100daysofhappy #twinings #chai #workdayritual #amazingsmell

Day 3 - Turkey

My daughter spotted a wild turkey that has been roaming the neighborhood. I circled back to make sure it wasn't an April Fool's joke. #100daysofhappy #wildturkey #crestwood #ilovebirds #nature

The turkey is still with us. In fact, I was looking at old pictures and realize I last saw turkeys in the neighborhood in 2007. I have no idea if this is the same turkey or just from the same family. She must be doing OK, though. I stopped on my morning commute last week to politely ask her to get out of the middle of the street. 

Day 4 - Blues Traveler

Listened to this on my way in. Lyrics including "Hope is like a house with the porch light on," and "All things are possible," got me going this morning. #100daysofhappy #day4 #bluestraveler #stillusecds #fan

It does not bother me that no one liked this post on instagram, or that no one has ever heard of it. Although Blues Traveler hit their popularity peak in the mid-1990s, they have still been putting out quality work ever since. Also, it bears noting that when my family saw them open for The Allman Brothers Band in 1990, my dad came away predicting their stardom - I have been a fan ever since. Ben gave me this CD for my birthday. "All things are possible" is my theme for 2014.

Day 5 - AJ sleeping

I love my child so much, but I can't think of anything that makes me happier than when she goes to sleep. #everybodysleeps #100daysofhappy #day5 #parentproblems #annajune

A true blessing from The Lord. Amen.

Day 6 -  Wisteria
Probably my favorite part of Spring - random wisteria everywhere. #100daysofhappy #day6 #purple #prettyparasite #nature

This is wisteria. Its color is close to lilacs, but is more lavender. Lilacs don't really grow here - it must be too hot. Wisteria is a invasive and is draped all over everything. It is also seen in white. While they both smell nice, lilacs actually are real trees, and wisteria is just a vine.

Day 7 - Bike Buddy

My husband is teaching my daughter how to ride a bike. #100daysofhappy #day7 #crestwood #crestwoodpark #bikes

We bought AJ a real bike for her birthday, even though it was well after the big day. In a rash moment of planning ahead, I gave away her smaller bike that she had clearly outgrown (and had issues keeping air in the tires, but that could have been my fault). I kept the training wheels on the old one as I donated it - they likely wouldn't have fit the new one. 

Academy Sports is great, and they had a good deal on a name-brand bike that AJ liked. But they do not sell or install training wheels - if they come on the smaller bikes, that's great, but they do not perform this service. They do, however, sell this neat little gadget called the Balance Buddy. This thing is designed to be used instead of training wheels, to allow kids to get the hang of balancing on their own. It has the added advantage of saving the backs of parents.  So don't be too impressed that she's not using training wheels - she's using a substitute. It seems to work well. Hopefully she will not need it for long.




Everyday Fashionista said...

We have to leave treats scattered on the floor to distract George when we leave. It's worked so far. He has always had a touch of separation anxiety.

Laura Gallitz said...

Radar is weird about eating, too. He won't eat unless we're around, unless he's really, really, really hungry. He used to eat treats when he was a puppy but he sort of has to be talked into them now - he prefers that he eat treats out of someone's hand. Spoiled brat!