Thursday, April 10, 2014


If Anna June were a Major League Baseball player, her status would be listed as "day-to-day" which is better than if you asked me yesterday. Yesterday, I would have said, "7 day DL".

I sent her to school today. She has not registered an "official" fever since yesterday morning. We've been checking.

On Monday night, she slept poorly. She has gotten much better at sleeping as she has gotten older, but that night, she fussed and cried. I would almost call one incident a night terror, but it was less scary for me and didn't last very long. Ben predicted that she was sick, yet again.

When I went to get her up on Tuesday, she was hot. I took her temperature and it was 100, so she had to stay home. I stayed home with her for most of the day, but I went ahead and kept my eye appointment by sending her to my parents' house.

We did the Tylenol and Motrin switch-up. I called the doctor, asking if they thought it could be a strep relapse or if it was something else. They said it sounded like a cold or something similar. They agreed putting her back on Zyrtec would be ok. This is good anyway, since our whole town is covered with yellow tree pollen at the moment. They did not want to see her until she had run fever for 3 straight days or complained of a sore throat, which she has not.

Tuesday night, she fussed a little less in her sleep, but I was still up and down with her.

On Wednesday, because she had another 100 degree temperature, Ben stayed home with her most of the day, sending her to Mom and Dad's in the morning while he handled a couple of appointments. He worked from home most of the rest of the day, with AJ watching TV and playing video games. I think she felt worse on Wednesday - when I woke her up to go to Nana's, she asked if she had to change out of her nightgown into real clothes. I told her yes, and she wasn't happy with that reply. She mostly laid around all morning, even going to lie down in her bed for a bit.

On Wednesday night, she went to lie down on the couch for a few minutes. By the time I took Radar outside and returned, she was sound asleep. This gave me some time to do other things. Ben carried her to her bed.

When she woke up on Thursday morning, she was like a new person. The hours of sleep were helpful, at last. She first complained that she could have sworn she fell asleep on the couch. I went to take her temperature, knowing she did not feel very hot. She told me, "I don't have a fever. I just have a cabin fever." She wanted to go to school.

She showered, got dressed, brushed her teeth, allowed me to comb her hair, and fixed her own breakfast with no problem. She was happy to be going back, but of course, we are unsure as to how long she will stay. She did still sound stuffy to me.

I am attempting to post this from work, which should be OK, since there are no links or pictures. If it messes up, maybe I can try to fix it later. Just wanted to give you all the play-by-play on her illness.

I would say she is "probable" for tonight's Arts Night performance. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Poor , poor wee girl ! I could hardly believe it when Nonny told me that she was sick again . I am so sorry for you all. I am glad to know, tho,that by now she is doing better. How cute was that line about not having a fever, but 'having a cabin fever'?!Spring is the pits sometimes, uncovering all the viruses that had all winter to grow strong..........Hope you and Shenandoah are staying healthy.

Anonymous said...

PS : What is the " Arts night performance" ?

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks. We are trying. We have too many fun things planned to get sick. We had to miss a school cookout last night and had to stay home instead of going out to celebrate on Tuesday night.

Arts Night is tonight at 6:00 in the school gym/auditorium. I have no idea what they will be performing. I think the children are singing and there is artwork on display, if it is anything like last year. This time, they weren't told to wear anything specific, so at least that will be different. I will try to get video.