Monday, April 14, 2014


Anna June and I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I love it and she hates it. Ha!

No, really. I get some of my very best ideas there. It's like looking through all the magazines all at once, with someone else having spent time to pick out the best stuff.

So back around Christmas, I saw an idea I liked: take pictures with your mobile phone of your photo Christmas cards and use them as profile pictures for your respective contacts in your phone. It really makes sense. Here's the article.

I was also using another idea I liked - making books out of greeting cards with book rings. I don't have a label maker, but what I did was pretty close to this.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, our recent set of sick days and bad weather (oh, did I not mention? School was delayed last week because of flooding. Our street was fine, but basically, the street where we used to live was closed. People had to be evacuated by boat from some apartments nearby.) have left us at home. I'm trying to clean up a little. These 2 projects would take more than 5 minutes, so I have been putting them off - for months. AJ was happy to help me. She's actually much more enthusiastic and better at crafts than I am, but usually doesn't want to hear my ideas at first.

Anyway, we got done with those 2 things. And that's why there was a random photo of The Becks on my post the other day. I was taking pics with my phone to add to my contacts and I had not yet deleted them. But yes, Sipsey looks the same. Wheeler is adorable. And Lauren is about to have another boy any day now. We are very excited for them! So they got added to my 100 Happy Days unintentionally. Even though they do, as a matter of fact, make me happy!

What does not make me happy is the 3 separate blogger apps on my new phone, which are all terrible in different ways. I posted that 100 Days of Happy post in the eye doctor's office. That particular app does not show previews of images, so you see it when you add it but you don't see what it actually imported (and if you make mistakes as often as I do, this is a problem). I dream of a world where Google decides to support Blogger correctly. Sigh.

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