Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Inside the Mind of a Mother

Back when Anna June had strep throat for the third time, coming on the heels of a stomach virus and a winter full of snow days, Ben volunteered to stay home with her.

But he said he wasn't sure what to do to keep her entertained.

So I made a list.

These are the kinds of things in my mind to do with her, but really, she mostly rests and watches TV. On that particular day, they went to the doctor and got the diagnosis. Ben got tons of work done, as did I, at work.


Anonymous said...

pffft. Men. Good thing God gifted us with superior imaginations. What the heck is 'nose putty'? And orbees...you must GROW them ????

Laura Gallitz said...

I am addressing the putty on Thursday and the Orbeez on Friday. New posts scheduled and coming soon!