Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Anna June likes her new bike. I like that there is now a shed to put it in, so it does not have to live in my car or, more accurately, my parents' basement.

Here they are on the maiden voyage.

Not pictured but definitely present - the helmet.

Here's more on the bike:

It is a Huffy 20" for girls, named "Miss Behavin" The storage pouch on the front is big enough for her to fit the headband in that she forgot to take off before she put on her helmet. 

Just transporting the bike home in my car was an adventure. Who knew that the difference between a little bike and a big one (as in like 4", tops) made such a big difference? Needless to say, we now need a bike rack or a bigger car. We were able to transport it to the park in Ben's vehicle the following weekend, where this picture was made. They decided to try the grass instead of the pavement at first, to ease some of her anxiety about falling. 

She did well, but they both got exhausted after a while. We hope to make several more trips to the park so learn before it gets too hot.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the bike!!!!! She'll get the hang of it , soon !! ( Mom -maybe you should give it a go ). These pics definitely remind me of Shenandoah and his black bike (Alex)! You have that pic ! At any rate, it looks like a really nice bike. I knpw you have some GRAET bike trails around Birmingham! It would be a nice family activity \

Anonymous said...

( (sorry for the poor typing)