Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Note on Fashion

I find these notes all over the house from Anna June. Sometimes, they're from a while back and her spelling wasn't as great.

This one, I am pretty sure, means, "Like these? I thought you would."


Anonymous said...

or, "I thought you would like these" ??. What are those things? Little puffy fashion stickers? I love her writing and figuring out the words! Excellent !

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, these are puffy fashion stickers. I have no idea where they came from - probably a doll dress-up sticker thing. We have stickers coming out of our ears over here. I find them on my feet, in the wash, on random household objects. She recently said she didn't really like stickers, which makes me sad, because when I was six years old, there was nothing cooler to me than my sticker book. I doubt she would feel differently if she had a book, but that does make me wonder. I mean, how can stickers compete with a Kindle?