Tuesday, April 8, 2014

100 Days of Happy: Days 1-7

I'm participating in the 100 Days of Happy project. http://100happydays.com Here are the pictures from my first week.


Anonymous said...

I Like this! Wow- AJ is learning to ride WIHOUT the training wheels!! ALRIGHT!! How is she doing? You managed to get to the park inbetween floods! And Radar--- almost forgot about that little guy ! Your Turkey....she is still with us? AJ blessedly asleep. Don't know what that album is . It will be interesting to watch for these posts.

Anonymous said...

ps: Those purple flowers are GORGEOUS! They would have made me happy too. What are they ?( They don't look like lilacs) Are they fragrant? Where did you snap that pic? AND SIPSY !!!! She looks exactly !!THE SAME!! (cute as ever! Cute little brother too )

Laura Gallitz said...

New post coming soon on 4/15 that explains all of this.