Saturday, March 8, 2014

Terrible Timing

On the night before Anna June's birthday, she went to bed with a full tummy and excited for the plans for the next day.

Besides it just being her birthday, a Vocabulary Parade was planned for the school as part of Read Across America week. Each kid was to select a word and fashion a costume illustrating the word. AJ had chosen the word "mail" and had been working on her costume. Besides listing details on a poster such as the child's name and teacher, they were also supposed to feature the word, its part of speech, its definition, and a sentence including the word. She wanted to use the word mail as a verb. She was going to dress up with a sort of letter carrier theme. First, she fashioned a mail bag out of a cardboard box and some ribbon. However, it met an untimely demise, as one of her parents thought it was garbage, accidentally. So we found a blue bag of mine that she could wear cross-body, and I printed out the USPS logo to tape over the conference info printed on it. She took a color-your-own T-shirt and turned it inside out, and wrote the word mail on it with her washable marker. She picked out some black leggings to go with it. I tried to talk her into a military-style jacket but she pointed out it would obscure the word.

We made the poster to look like an envelope. At first, she was excited about this idea, until she tried to execute it herself and wasn't happy with the results. She cried the whole time I was putting it together. I knew I still had to go to the grocery store and prepare for her party, so I was in no mood to have her do it herself. After all, the note home asked the parents to help the children with the costumes. A Kindergartener's handwriting is not always legible from far away. I hereby promise I will not be one of those parents who does their child's work. Hold me accountable for this one, folks. I can't take the tears.

Earlier this week, there was a major meltdown because I attempted to make a hat for AJ out of tinfoil to make a Hershey's Kiss. The one I saw online is here. The big mistake was that I was doing it the morning of hat day before rushing out the door. However, the bigger mistake was that I was doing it instead of AJ. She has observed my well-known craft failures. She has no faith in my abilities. Ben and I thought it was pretty cute, but you can't see a picture because she destroyed it. Then she didn't like the one she made, either and wore her snowman hat.

By the way, when your kid has to turn down several ready-made choices for silly hat day and then rejects your homemade attempt, it kind of stings. I mean, what kind of perfection is she looking for if hats resembling an elephant, a block of cheese, an ice cream sundae, a cupcake, a monkey, and other things are not silly enough?

So, I, for one, was going to be pretty glad to get Read Across America Week out of the way. Thursday morning didn't start well, because AJ had a substitute, and in the excitement of the week and day, she had forgotten about it. Lily's mom messaged me to let me know AJ had been crying her eyes out. Good grief.

Besides all of this, I was going to send fruit to AJ's class, since that was her request. I was just back from the grocery store, making lists and major mental notes of all the things I needed to do while washing the just-purchased (totally not in season) fruit. I was worrying about the blueberry-to-grape ratio when AJ called out "MOM!" from her room.

Not another nightmare, I thought. "I'll be right there," I called, hoping not to wake Ben.

When I got to her room, she was halfway sitting up, having just vomited. I will spare you further details of the ensuing repeat performances and subsequent cleanup, but Ben and I both were not expecting this at all.

Maybe we should have taken the meltdowns as a sign she was getting sick. Maybe I should have looked at the calendar and realized she had this same throw-up thing (at school last year) around this same time. I totally forgot about this but that is why I have this blog - because I have absolutely no memory.

She slept on the floor of our room, close to the bathroom, the rest of the night. In the morning - her birthday - she didn't even want to stand up to see the flowers, card and candy I had left for her on the kitchen table. She stumbled to the sofa and had me read the card to her there.

A few hours later, though, she was fine. We watched a DVD of Olivia, and then some of Princess Party (a DVD we bought for her birthday party the year we did a princess theme) because Netflix was down. Then, Ben came home because he had split a hole in his pants (which AJ later confessed to me was, "pretty entertaining.") and he fixed our connection, so we watched Snow Buddies. AJ and I have watched several of these films, and she declared this one the best so far.

After I ate lunch and she started work on a puzzle, she was already complaining about being bored, which is how I knew she was back to normal.

We read a little, and she built a house out of cardboard boxes. She loves building and making things. In fact, when the latest box from Granny arrived, she said, "Yay! I needed a box that size!" Here's a picture of her in the box as soon as it was emptied:
Anyway, I am sure the fruit will keep until Monday, and there will be another vocabulary parade next year. Ben and I probably won't eat lunch with her at school like we planned, but if that's the main casualty of the illness I guess we will be OK.


Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that six year olds still seem to like the BOX better than the contents !! ( I like to think of her still being little ) I could not for the life of me think what you both were doing at home yesterday when I called to leave AJ a message. Then , when she told me she had thrown up , I was shocked!! NOOOOO! Not on your Birthday!!!!! She didn't seem too upset , though. So, let me get this straight------------------ she got sick after you guys went out to eat at " Five " ? ( Which, by the way, I thought sounded like the funnest thing EVER)
( and perfectly timed too ) She sounds like she needs her visions to catch up to her age( or vise versa)(Vice versa?) Anyway, I hope today is a good day for all!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, she got sick after we ate at Five. It was not their fault, though. Many children in her class have had this illness.