Sunday, March 2, 2014


Here is Anna June, wearing a vintage dress that was my Easter dress in 1980-something.
Anna June just made up a new snack. It is called Pupcakes, as it is something she thinks Radar
would like. As she wrote it: Pupkakse. Here's what she had in it:
Angry Birds graham crackers (bite size)
Vanilla yogurt
Peanut butter
Apple chunks
Green icing on top.
Her new snack was delicious!
Earlier in the week she made a different snack for me consisting of butter, cheese, sour cream, a graham cracker and a cherry on top. Let's just say today's endeavor was much more successful.
"Making this was so much fun!" AJ said.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is how Rusty and your Father got their start, making concoctions!SHe''s got the gene , I think that is clear. Also clear: Its NOT a Kraker gene! Did you ever think that one day you would have a daughter who would be wearing your dresses??????? How SWEET is THAT!!??

Anonymous said...

p.s. Is this pic taken in that little triangle park near you house? The one we went to after AJ turned one?

Laura Gallitz said...

I tried to fix this post to display the photo, which I did, but now the text is messed up. I am encountering an error in Blogger. I can't install another browser at work. Maybe I can fix it later.

No, it was not at the same park. And definitely no, I did not think she'd ever wear any of my dresses. I have no idea why my grandmother saved them. This particular dress has a stain so it probably won't get worn again.