Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Comeback Town

Anna June's public school experience has not been perfect, but overall, I would say that she's gotten a great education. After reading a blog post and some comments on a local blog, I made my own comment.

The blog owner then asked me to guest post.

So here's the link to my very first guest post. Whether or not you agree with me, I hope you'll take the time to read it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Laura! I wanted to read thru all of your links before I commented. First ,let me say how much I admire you for putting your ' "money " where your mouth is ' . Whether that currency is literal , or is the investment of your child in this innovative program , or your physical presence and classroom assistance, or through the support you give to AJ, you certainly are well qualified to be a voice for the WIN program. And, may I say that your voice is a genuinely clear and articulate one. ! Your writing in this guest blog is so lucid and practical, and well thought out and supported. Your arguments are compelling and so easy to follow. No boasting , no ego-tripping, no brow -beating, no pontificating, just a clear presentation of the advantages you and other invested teachers and parents are seeking for your kids , and the city of Birmingham. I am betting that the Lawyer in your Dad loved this piece. WELL DONE! ( by the way,,,Nonny does something to send rebates or something like that from her purchases , to Avondale School ) GREAT JOB, Laura! You make me so proud ! ( as usual !!!!!!!)

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks. Comeback Town is linked to al.com, so it got 39 comments on that site, not all of which were positive - but at least none of them said I was a bad writer. I don't know if Dad is proud of me for this post or not - I know he agrees with me, but I don't know that he has even read it.

David Sher said...

Laura, as the publisher of www.ComebackTown.com blog, I want to thank you for your guest blog. You had by the far the largest number of page views on al.com and on www.ComebackTown.com of any post in March. You gave thousands of people an opportunity to learn about an improving Birningham School System. Good for you!

Laura Gallitz said...

Thanks so much for your support!