Saturday, March 29, 2014

Can't Catch a (Spring) Break

Anna June was on Spring Break this week. She attended a day camp at McWane Center, which was even sort of her idea. On Monday when it was time to go, she was nervous, but she came home very excited...practically dancing. In the morning, they studied art. She made a self-portrait with pastels, painted a Pollock-inspired piece, did a Mondrian-style collage, and made a sculpture from a flour and water plaster. Then, in the afternoon she studied fish, and came home with a piece of glow-in-the-dark artwork as well.
Tuesday saw us discussing whether or not she should keep her jacket with her, as the high was only 55 and she would be walking with Ben to his parking deck after camp. The staffer at the front desk agreed to keep it for her, and I even emailed Ben to make sure he would get it when he picked her up.
When he got there, AJ complained of being cold. It was cold, to us. We talked to her about being a better advocate for herself...she should have asked the counselor to get her jacket for her. Ben felt terrible about making her walk to the car with her complaining the whole time.
Dad called and invited us over for dinner, which sounded better than cooking, so we decided to go over, despite AJ's apparent bad mood. She really was cold, so I brought along some instant hot chocolate and let her warm up before dinner. Drew had a new puzzle and she wasn't interested. She didn't demand to watch something better on TV. She wasn't particularly forthcoming about what they did at camp that day - in the morning, they studied music, and she came home with a tambourine, drum, and trumpet. In the afternoon, they studied dinosaurs, and her souvenirs included a dinosaur footprint and a painting she made with dinosaur stencils. She didn't even want to talk much about the diet coke and Mentos volcano demonstration...she said they did that at UAB Camp last summer anyway.
Despite Dad's best efforts to shake AJ from her funk, she still would not eat or talk very much. I thought she must be tired after such a busy couple of days.
It was time for her bath, and she was reluctant to get up to get in the tub. I decided to check her temperature, just in case. It was 101. I was so upset. I was mad at myself for not checking sooner - like Ben had asked me, even though she did not feel hot when he asked. I was mad that our plans for AJ to spend the morning with Liz and Wesley fell through (I had waited too long to register her for camp and the Wed morning session was full, so we went to a fun - and generous- Plan B). I was mad that she was sick for the second time this month. I was mad that I would have to stay home from work even though we had paid money to avoid that. I was mad that we had exposed my family to whatever she had...the last thing a person with a broken leg needs is to be sick on top of it.
Anyway, she stayed home on Wednesday. Ben took the morning and I took the afternoon. As she had a temp of 102 during the night, Ben took Thursday as well.
In the wee hours of Thursday morning, her temp was nearing 103. We decided to take her to the doctor.
The doc admitted that AJ's throat didn't look too bad, and she didn't have many other symptoms, but they would test her for strep anyway.
Boy, am I glad I was not there.
It took 3 people to hold her down to get her throat swabbed. She also had a finger prick. A bit later, the doctor called them back to her office and she delivered the news that AJ had strep throat. Again.
This is the third time in five months, in case you are counting.
The doctor said we are not yet to the point of discussing a tonsillectomy.
Poor kid.
We discussed whether or not to send her back to camp, as she had been 24 hours without a registered official fever and had received a few doses of amoxicillin (God bless antibiotics that are flavored to her liking and are free at Publix pharmacy), but her behavior was still off and she woke up with awful an night terror-style outburst, finally cured by a trip to the potty. She took the pushing fluids thing very seriously, I guess. We decided to keep her home.
On Friday, Ben had already scheduled a vacation day to take care of some school work, so I came home after a couple of hours of things I couldn't get out of and relieved him so he could write. After lunch, AJ and I snuggled and played video games. We also read books. The power went out for a couple of hours, so we were glad it was daylight enough to read and we were also glad Ben had enough battery life to work on his laptop. It was actually quite productive.
By evening, we declared her no longer contagious and we went about our normal business. We played games (she won at Pick Up Sticks, we tied at Memory). We changed her toothbrush, which is something I always mean to do but can never determine when she is well enough, and then forget.
Maybe this weekend will make up for her lousy past few days of break.


Anonymous said...

WOW. SHe was really sick w/it this time. I KNOW . Mom, the frustration you are feeling......been there! Done that! HAng in there! She is growing SO FAST!

Laura Gallitz said...

We are happy to be having much better weather so hopefully all the kids can be outside and not cooped up with all the germs!