Friday, March 7, 2014

A Night on the Town

A few weeks ago, in thinking about Anna June's birthday, I had an idea.

"Do you know where I think we should go to celebrate Anna June's last night of being FIVE?" I asked.

It didn't take them half a second before Ben and AJ both said, "FIVE." Because I'm corny and predictable like that.

I had not ever visited this place, but I pass by it nearly every day on my way to work. I once explained the concept to AJ: they have 5 choices for each thing. There are 5 entrees, 5 appetizers, and so on. AJ liked the idea so much that once, when we were playing restaurant, she wanted to be a knock-off called "six".

Anyway, I had been hoping to go, so I thought this would be a great excuse. Yes, it is a gimmick, and yes, it is pricey for what we're used to, but it was so, so very good.

Once we were seated, we told the waiter why we were being there. We suggested that AJ order a special drink. Of the available ingredients he listed, she mentioned she liked pineapple juice. The bartender shook together pineapple juice and Sprite over crushed ice topped by a splash of cherry juice. It was delicious.

Here's a picture of the drink AJ had. We limited her to one - and switched her to water. 

Here is the almost six-year-old with her special treat.

For an appetizer, we had avocado with bacon and shrimp sauce. It was wonderful. AJ wasn't in favor of it until she got a bite of bacon. This is now Ben's new favorite appetizer. 

The girl and her dad:

I had a pork chop with Bahamian macaroni and cheese (don't ask me what made it Bahamian - it was good, though) and a glass of malbec. The good news is that there are 5 red wines (and 5 whites) listed on the menu - not that agonizing of a choice. Ben had a cheeseburger with fries. AJ also had a kid's cheeseburger, which isn't printed on the menu, but it is a thing - a half portion of an adult burger. Even though we were full and didn't order dessert, we got cookies with our check. That was nice, even though AJ didn't like them - they were toasted coconut tea cakes. AJ claimed that my made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies last weekend were better.

AJ's criticism was that the place was too dark. It is, first and foremost, a bar. The original Tuscaloosa location is more known as such. But this place was full of professionals (mostly women) after work on a Thursday night. It had a fun, upscale atmosphere with giant pictures of Bear Bryant, Dwight Eisenhower and the Beatles on the walls. I liked it and would go back.


Anonymous said...

AH!There was a Bartender who understood little girls!! All of the food sounded SO Yummy ! But as to the d├ęcor-----is there some connection between The Beatles, IKE and Bear Bryant that some how escapes me ?? HOW RANDOM !!!! Anyhow, I LOVE HOW YOU MAKE THE TRANSITION FROM 5 TO 6 SO FUN FOR AJ. !!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I could not detect the connection... I guess just things that were mid-century vintage. AJ did not like the candle-lit tables, but I thought it was cool.

Laura Gallitz said...
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