Sunday, February 16, 2014

Something new

Anna June told us recently that she wants to become a vegetarian. At first, I wanted to just say no. She cannot be a vegetarian in our family when her uncle sells meat for a living. I was sad, thinking I would lose the convenience of school lunches. I was kind of mad, too - I did not want to do the math required to make sure she was getting enough iron, protein, etc.
She has so far been OK with where meat originates, although she recently has made more of a connection. She simply claims she does not like the way it tastes. I'm going to go ahead and declare she takes after her dad on that one. Thinking back, I can see this is true.
She also recently saw a news story about Chick-fil-A altering their iconic chicken sandwiches. She tried to tell me about it, citing pneumonia and ammonia, but it actually has to do with antibiotics. Maybe this got her thinking.
After a talk where I mentioned she was going to have to learn to love beans a lot more than she does now, I suggested that we start by having Meatless Mondays and seeing how it goes. She selected a recipe for tomorrow (Midwinter Minestrone from Rachael Ray's Look and Cook Book), and she promised to help. I'm already preparing her lunch twice a week - now one time will be on Monday.
We'll see how it goes.
In the meantime, I will continue to try to do my best at raising a real-life Lisa Simpson.


Anonymous said...

Well! Nonny swears up and down she did nothing to influence her. Try Tofu------she may become the worlds youngest EX -vegetarian quickly! I tortured my kids w/ Tofu when they were young. You might try those packages of chicken where they list in big bold print that they were free range chickens! and raised WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS!! Maybe that will be enough for her , for awhile. Or , maybe , she IS her fathers daughter, and never ever enjoy meat again ever and ever and ever. Any way, did she use the word "VEGETARIAN", because, that would be most impressive!!!Good Luck !

SRG said...

I don't remember you ever feeding us tofu?!? - SRG

Anonymous said...

AHA!! HA HA ! Tofu soaked in Soy sauce and FRIED. Tofu spaghetti. Tofu chunks in salads . Tofu meat loaf. (Is it VEGETERIAN??) e are in a blizzard here, btw.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my adorable, little niece!! I promise I've never said anything about Vegetarianism to her!!

Totally cracked up reading about the "pneumonia and ammonia" in regards to the Chik-fil-a chicken!

Gosh, that girl is too smart!

Lisa Simpson, she IS!!!!
~Auntie Nonny~

Laura Gallitz said...

Yes, she did use the word vegetarian. She has an amazing vocabulary.

I may try those tofu ideas.

Please stay safe in the blizzard.

Anonymous said...

Word to the wise: DO NOT TRY THOSE TOFU RECIPES!! They were as horrific aS THEY SOUND. ( I am ashamed of myself-- I was such a BAD cook !!)