Saturday, February 22, 2014


When we were on the way to the McWane Center last weekend, Anna June was testing out the cameras on my phone, and took this self-portrait.

I like it because it's not an expression you see memorialized in photos of her very often. She poses, sometimes even when there is no camera around. Here she is serious, thinking, and not at all staged. This must be what her teachers see when they ask her a tough question or give her an assignment she's never tackled before.

You can see how grown up she is getting. She had lost most of her baby fat in her cheeks, and her hair, by her own admission, is pretty much totally brown now. It is getting straighter, but it will almost certainly always have some degree of curl.

This big kid, whether she thinks she is or not, is ready to figure out lots of new things, solve new problems, and go new places.

Bring it on, world.


Anonymous said...

Wow , she really does concentrate. I love that she can figure things out. And , yes, she's not so little anymore. I KNOW that she is older than SIX !

Laura Gallitz said...

I also didn't mention in this photo - she looks tired. She was tired but she still wanted to go where we were going.