Saturday, February 22, 2014

Big Machines Day

Last Saturday, Anna June visited the McWane Center for Big Machines Day. The kids got to climb into big machines like cranes and dump trucks while volunteers from Crane Works got to explain what the various levers and buttons did. AJ was a natural.

She liked one of the smaller digging machines best, where the gentleman assigned took more time to explain the different handles and so on. She was not afraid of any of these, and I think we visited all of the ones parked on 19th Street (Birmingham police shut down a block for this exhibit).

I enjoyed running in to other parents we know. The place was packed - we had to park around the corner. AJ enjoyed getting a pink "hard hat". What a fun afternoon!


Anonymous said...

This looked like tremendous fun ! She looks so pretty in all the shots. Thanks for posting so many pics!

Laura Gallitz said...

I thought they all looked kind of the same, so I couldn't choose. She had a lot of fun.