Friday, January 10, 2014

Worth a Pancake

Anna June brought home a report card for her second nine weeks in Kindergarten. It was all A's again.

We let her pick where we'd go out to dinner to celebrate, and she picked IHOP. We tried to persuade her to another place, as our IHOP has had abysmal service since it opened over a decade ago. On our last visit, it was so bad that we swore we'd never return.

But a smiling kindergartner with a perfect report card had more power than our vow made in disgust.

She had the Create-a-Face Pancake, which comes with a tube of strawberry yogurt you can add to the berries, bananas and whipped cream already on the giant pancake. She ate every bite.

It wasn't THAT bad. Until we started to leave. A young lady asked if she could have Ben's receipt, so she could call the number and take the survey to get $4 off of her meal. We did it, making sure she didn't get the copy with the last four digits of our debit card number, but as we left, we silently promised again never to return.

Until AJ gets to pick again for another celebration.


Anonymous said...

that was a yummy reward! If I were you, I'D GET USED TO GOING THERE! WhaT WITH ALL TH E GREAT REPORT CaRDS SHE WILL BE BRINGING HOME ! ( I happen to like IHOP0

Laura Gallitz said...

We don't dislike their food, per se, but we definitely dislike their service. And of course pancake syrup makes a sticky mess everywhere, lending itself to hanging around tables when it shouldn't. On the morning of our wedding day, when we ate there with a group, the groom famously ordered a "Rooty Tooty Fresh and clean my table off."