Friday, January 3, 2014

The Return of Marigol

Anna June likes to pretend she's a dog named Marigol. Last night, Marigol came to visit, and she didn't leave until this morning. AJ even slept on the floor, because I surely wouldn't allow a dog to spend the night in AJ's bed. She had a snack of Froot Loops in a bowl on the floor. She told me she knew how to speak dog, and tried it out on Radar. With her Dora guitar, she invented a new style of rock music for canines, "Dog and Roll". 

I don't know exactly when the dog left, but when she did, AJ turned into a bird. She made a nest of blankets on the floor. She is in disguise under a blanket to keep herself away from the stuffed animals: the bear (whose food she steals while he's sleeping) and the cat, who obviously wants to eat her. Birds eat mice, bread and twigs. Also, she sings. 

Who knows what she'll think of next?


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Laura Gallitz said...

Sometimes it is cute when she pretends. Sometimes, it is annoying. I am glad school has started back to give us more purpose and direction to our days.