Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hands Free

Anna June has a knack for pretending. Recently, she started taking her plastic iPhone in her purse everywhere. She will be so engrossed in her imaginary conversations she will tell us that she's on the phone. I have no idea who she's calling.

I don't talk on the phone very often. In fact, I try to get all my phone calls out of the way before I get home, so that I can devote more time and attention to AJ. Plus, talking on the phone with a kid is difficult - I inevitably have to stop to give her instructions, advice, corrections, or answers.

I've been reading a little of the blog called Hands Free Mama, and the writer speaks powerfully about being present in your own life, about putting down the phone and other distractions that are dangerous and hurting your relationships.

I guess I still have a lot of work to do if AJ is busy chatting away on her phone, not interacting with the real, live people at the table. She can only imitate what she sees.


Anonymous said...

So interesting. Maybe she is imitating other people around her , that she has observed. I know that she is a great people watcher; I 've seen her do that. What in the world are those imaginary conversations about ?????

Anonymous said...

p.s. She carries a purse w/ her everywhere??? :) What a little woman !

Laura Gallitz said...

She doesn't talk much on the phone. Mostly, she listens.

She does carry her purse when she remembers, but not to school. She has a little spending money now and I think she wants it at hand to spend if she wants, but she hasn't so far. Also, she has to have a place for her 37 tubes of lip gloss and her fake phone.