Friday, December 20, 2013

Just a Second

Here are some pictures of AJ after her Christmas program last week.


Anonymous said...

AH, the dress fits her to a 'Tee' ! I was so afraid that I was sending her something that she could never wear, but she looks LOVELY! ( SIze 6 ! ) THANK YOU for posting the photos. ( I HAD to get the dress; I thought it was the prettiest thing I ever saw) And even if it gets worn only once, it is worth it to me! AND , I came this close to getting her red velvet dress shoes to go with it , from Payless, under $ 20.00 I SHOULD HAVE DONE IT ! DARN IT !) Ah, well, I hope she felt like a Princess, even tho you don't like princesses. ANy video of the program , by any chance?? HOW are you feeling? DId your headache ever go away ?????

Anonymous said...

Gosh! She looks almost as tall as your tree! And I see her gaps on the bottom where she is missing her teeth ! Are you guys by any chance singing "All I want for Christmas are my two bottom teeth " ??

Anonymous said...

p.s.s.Who is the little guy with the kissable cheeks ?

Laura Gallitz said...

She's still a size 6 for now. She's long and thin, though, so dresses are OK, but I am not sure about pants.

No worries on the shoes. The black ones looked great and there was probably nothing else she could have worn the red velvet shoes with. And she's still SO picky, although much better than she used to be.

I tried to post this from my phone some time last week, but it never published. I really dislike the Blogger app. Furthermore, there is not one available for my tablet because I have a Kindle Fire and Google and Amazon don't play nicely together (although, to be fair, Ben has offered a zillion times to get me a different tablet. I like this one, though, so I don't want to switch.)

Her program was on December 10. There is no video, since we had to sit pretty far back. They were selling them for $20 apiece, but, honestly, the whole show was so bad (we couldn't hear well in the back, the backing track drowned out the kids, etc.) that it can't possibly be worth it. The videographer glared at the crying babies.

I have no idea how she felt in the dress, although I do know that I did not hand wash it per the label, but I did use the hand wash cycle on our washing machine. Now all my other delicates are covered in red glitter. How festive!

My headache comes and goes. Mostly, it is work that is keeping me from blogging. My new position is intense, and I only have a few seconds today to reply because several of my faculty members are out of the country.

Our tree is 6.5 feet tall. That is as tall as will fit in the space that I want it in. My perspective is bad, but you can tell - she's a full 4 feet tall now.

I ALMOST made her sing in her uniform, because I forgot to pack the dress. We had an elaborate plan to meet up at the school, run to get a hamburger for dinner, and be back by 6 pm for the performance that started at 6:30. It would have worked perfectly, except I forgot the dress and we had to go back to the house after Burger King. When my mom saw it, she said, "I'm so glad you went back for the dress!" It really is beautiful.

She actually lost her second tooth on 12/16, so this picture was taken before then. Her first permanent tooth has already broken the surface. We've told her to sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front (lower) teeth!" But I don't know if she actually will. She does sound a little funny, though.

After the program, I asked her to pick a friend to stand with. This is Grey, our friends Laura Kate and Jason's oldest boy. He's a few months younger than AJ, but she's a lot taller than he is. They are great pals.

Anonymous said...

Wishing she could stay a little girl forever! She is so lovely, but I get this weird tinge of sadness everytime I see a picture where she is looking more and more grown up! Time needs to slow down!!