Saturday, November 30, 2013

How We Spent Black Friday

Anna June asked me what Black Friday was. She asked if it was why a lot of people were wearing black. It was too cute to tell her the real reason, so I let it stand.

I hate the term Black Friday. Remember when people called them the "after Thanksgiving sales?" At least then, the holiday was acknowledged.

There are places that are open on Thanksgiving Day, which I do not understand. A grocery store in each town (they can take turns), a few gas stations, hospitals, 24-hour drugstore and Waffle House - that should be it. People, even if they don't like their families, should be allowed to stay home one day a year, even if it just so they can be thankful they do not have to work.

So on Friday, AJ worked puzzles. I went to hang out with my grandfather for a couple of hours. Ben prepared to write a paper. We met for lunch, then Ben went a couple of places to shop while AJ and I went back home. Ben doesn't like crowds, but he does like deals, and he shops enough to know if something is worth it or not. He came home with batteries of all sizes and shapes. We are now set for all 2014 battery needs.

I took a nap, AJ did more puzzles, Ben thought more about his paper. I suddenly decided we needed to go bowling, so we braved the Trussville traffic and went to the Lightning Strikes bowling alley. (Clever name, eh?) 


The place was not at all crowded, and they were running their own Black Friday deal, so we bowled two games and got shoes and sodas for $8/each. That's a deal I can get behind. 

After the first frame, we asked to have bumpers put up for AJ's turns. This improved her performance so much that she came in second place. I took second in the second game, with Ben as the champion both times. 

On the way in, AJ's shoestring unraveled in dramatic fashion. It was decided we'd head to the shoe store after bowling to get new laces. Evidently, Sketchers knows their laces are terrible and provides spare pairs, but I knew that at present, I can only find non-matching replacements. 

We set out on our mission. Ben went to get a haircut. We soon found out what Black Friday shopping is all about. Rack Room Shoes had quite the line! They were running 60% off deals. We only needed some $2.49 shoelaces (in neon pink) but waited in line a long time while others tried to redeem online coupon codes and went back for other sizes. 

After that ordeal, we went to Yogurt Mountain. AJ got cake batter/cookies and cream yogurt and I got candy cane flavor. Here she is with her creation. I had a BOGO coupon, so we did at least get a deal.

She's chewing a gummy bear here. I still do not know why they are ice cream toppings.

We went home and had leftovers for dinner. 

We brushed Radar's teeth with homemade toothpaste. No one liked that.

It was a good day. I was glad to be away from the crowds, mostly, and to spend time with my favorite people.


Anonymous said...

Her hair do is reminding me of your hair when you were little---she is looking more like you! Bowling looked fun. You looked like you were the only ones there. I too don't get gummie candy on yogurt and ice cream. But , the cake batter flavor ----YUMMY!!!! I DO think that you must be completely insane to venture out to stores on Black Friday !!!!!!!!!! NEVER have done that!!! Weren't those Sketchers , like , almost new??????

Laura Gallitz said...

The bowling alley actually did have families on either side of us at various times, just not when this picture was taken.

I don't think she's looking more like me - especially when she smiles I think she looks like her dad, but then, you would certainly know better than I would.

Her hair is in transition. I have 2 rules while the bangs are being grown out. 1) Bangs must be secured in some way and 2) No complaining. Yes, the curls are relaxing. Most of the time we don't fight it.

The cake batter flavor was excellent. In Delaware, we had a cake batter ice cream on the Boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach. It was great, but I think the flavor of this was actually a little better.

We weren't going to any of the huge stores like Wal-Mart. We were in the same shopping center with Target...I pondered going over to get the shoe laces from there, but decided I'd rather wait in the smaller shoe store - at least people there were limited in what they could buy.

The Sketchers were very new. She told me that the end had come off and I didn't pay much attention. They did come with a spare pair of laces. But somehow, we had 2 laces that didn't match (1 from her last pair). I knew that, so we got the new ones. They are kind of too long, but the shorter laces only came in black, and I favored the crazy neon pink over black for a child's shoe.