Sunday, December 29, 2013

Catching Up

Anna June has been catching up on sleep - we've stayed in bed until 9 two days in a row, but mostly because she has been up late each night. She's still awake now - I can hear her playing in her room. The light is off, but she has enough light from her night light to talk to her dolls - I'm assuming that's what she's doing. But if she's on the phone with any of you, you're both in trouble.

Our bedtime battles are the least of our worries. Since Sunday 12/22, I have been sick: sore throat, headache, mild fever. I thought I was better, but I've developed a regular old cold - stuffy, runny nose with sneezing and watery eyes. 

Worse, AJ has it. Crusty nose. Whiny. 

Worse, Ben caught it Friday night, and we've all been pretty miserable. Luckily, no one is really coughing, but Ben feels it settling in his chest.

Before you ask, yes, we've all had our flu shots. 

We were not sick enough to stay home. We've taken our time, but we've still done our errands and other things.

This may all change tomorrow. If my throat still hurts tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor. If I have something warranting antibiotics, I will take the others. I'm pretty convinced it's viral, though, because all my family I saw at Christmas is sick now, too.

Anyway, Christmas was great aside from that. Santa was more than generous to AJ. She is making her way to the naughty list for 2014 right now, though, as she is STILL not asleep! Why do her "listening ears" shut off at 7:30 PM? 

I am off work all this week. I sketched out a plan for our days, including a couple of hours each day reserved for "AJ fun time." Yesterday, she didn't press the point, but we watched the Disney movie Robin Hood at her request that evening. Today, we talked about visiting the outdoor ice rink at the outlet mall (they do something to it to make it work in our Alabama climate). But since Ben was so sick, he wouldn't come with us. I explained to AJ that I do not know how to ice skate, so she decided it wouldn't be the best plan. Then she thought about roller skating. I agreed to take her. It was ridiculous. We were there an hour. I am a pitiful skater, and I told AJ that she shouldn't hold my hand while skating. She kept falling - it was sort of like watching a baby giraffe trying to stand up for the first time. Eventually, I made my hand available to her. I fell on top of her, but only once.

She ripped her tights on one of the falls. She lost her hair tie once, and I begged her to let me skate a lap solo to find it, which I did.

She wanted to leave. I convinced her to do another lap. She fell about a hundred times in a lap. Frustrating! 

So, that was today. More later.


Anonymous said...

oH. I WOULD HAVE loved TO GO ICE SKATING OR ROLLER SKATING W/ YOU GUYS, Those darn viruses! Tricky little devils. You were to 'sposed to be spreading Christmas cheer, not illnesses ! How great that you were able to get off for her winter vacation from school. Even if it is to just recuperate. Hope you guys are up to squeezing some fun . times in there too;

Anonymous said...

Tell Shenandoah that the very best thing to do for chest congestion is to take MUCINEX Q 4 hours !!

I'm sorry that AJ had such a bad time skating . Do you think she would ever try it again ? or did that sour her on it forever? you guys must have looked like the blind leading the blind )

Laura Gallitz said...

So far, Ben has been getting by with DayQuil/NyQuil. After 8 days of sore throat, I called my doctor (who wasn't in the office) and got an antibiotic called in. I felt better instantly. AJ's runny nose seems to be better. This junk takes time to heal, but we've not been able to slow ourselves down completely. Too big of an opportunity to go out and have fun!

Yes, both the phrases "Spreading more than Christmas cheer" and "the blind leading the blind" appeared in my mind. I am sorry I never had the time or inclination to learn how to skate. Maybe I learned to do other things instead. Probably not.

There was a young man, maybe 11 years old, who was there just zooming past everyone in his inline skates. His braids flew behind him as I marveled at his speed and agility. He happened to be at the counter when we were returning our skates. He said he started skating when he was 4, and goes to the rink 6 days a week. Perhaps his mom works there or something, but his dedication and talent were things to be wondered at. Also, goes to show: practice makes perfect.

AJ and I probably won't be back any time soon. We'll let the bruises heal first.