Monday, December 30, 2013

The Nice List

Before Christmas, Santa sent Anna June an email indicating she was on the nice list.

As if there was ever any doubt.

Each day, her teacher sends home her folder with a calendar sheet indicating the child's behavior for the day. If they have exhibited good behavior, they get a sticker. If they were less than good, there's a code at the bottom of the page to indicate the main offense (like 13 means talking too much). 

I am here to brag - yes, brag - that Anna June has come home with a good behavior sticker every single day of school from August 19 to December 20. Not one bad day.

The teacher, has, at times seemed a bit on edge about all the other kids...there has evidently been more talking in this year's class than ever before. She has tried everything. But AJ has been the calm in her storm. She's been good, as well as helpful and respectful.

I hope I'm not jinxing it. AJ is certainly no angel. She's been known to terrorize us, especially when fatigued. 

But I was reminded tonight that she is just a really good kid. We went out for fast food (ailing mama didn't want to cook), and there was a family with 3 kids sitting near us. The little one was writhing all over, trying to get the dad's attention, in my opinion. The older two were fighting and crying, and the mom ended up taking one of them outside for saying and repeating a swear word. I just looked over at AJ, kissed her on the top of her head and thanked her for being so good. I meant it. Not that those kids may not have had stickers in their folders every day, too, but you could just tell. She's different. 

She's only five. We had to interrupt her pretend cell phone conversation to eat dinner tonight. But she's so good. No wonder Santa thought to go ahead and let her know ahead of time. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Catching Up

Anna June has been catching up on sleep - we've stayed in bed until 9 two days in a row, but mostly because she has been up late each night. She's still awake now - I can hear her playing in her room. The light is off, but she has enough light from her night light to talk to her dolls - I'm assuming that's what she's doing. But if she's on the phone with any of you, you're both in trouble.

Our bedtime battles are the least of our worries. Since Sunday 12/22, I have been sick: sore throat, headache, mild fever. I thought I was better, but I've developed a regular old cold - stuffy, runny nose with sneezing and watery eyes. 

Worse, AJ has it. Crusty nose. Whiny. 

Worse, Ben caught it Friday night, and we've all been pretty miserable. Luckily, no one is really coughing, but Ben feels it settling in his chest.

Before you ask, yes, we've all had our flu shots. 

We were not sick enough to stay home. We've taken our time, but we've still done our errands and other things.

This may all change tomorrow. If my throat still hurts tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor. If I have something warranting antibiotics, I will take the others. I'm pretty convinced it's viral, though, because all my family I saw at Christmas is sick now, too.

Anyway, Christmas was great aside from that. Santa was more than generous to AJ. She is making her way to the naughty list for 2014 right now, though, as she is STILL not asleep! Why do her "listening ears" shut off at 7:30 PM? 

I am off work all this week. I sketched out a plan for our days, including a couple of hours each day reserved for "AJ fun time." Yesterday, she didn't press the point, but we watched the Disney movie Robin Hood at her request that evening. Today, we talked about visiting the outdoor ice rink at the outlet mall (they do something to it to make it work in our Alabama climate). But since Ben was so sick, he wouldn't come with us. I explained to AJ that I do not know how to ice skate, so she decided it wouldn't be the best plan. Then she thought about roller skating. I agreed to take her. It was ridiculous. We were there an hour. I am a pitiful skater, and I told AJ that she shouldn't hold my hand while skating. She kept falling - it was sort of like watching a baby giraffe trying to stand up for the first time. Eventually, I made my hand available to her. I fell on top of her, but only once.

She ripped her tights on one of the falls. She lost her hair tie once, and I begged her to let me skate a lap solo to find it, which I did.

She wanted to leave. I convinced her to do another lap. She fell about a hundred times in a lap. Frustrating! 

So, that was today. More later.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reading Together

Anna June reads a book to Wesley. (Photo courtesy Aunt Liz) 

Merry Achoo

Anna June and I both gave some sort of cold. We have sore throats, coughing and sneezing, and headaches. Yesterday, I laid down for a few minutes between church, rehearsal, and baking cookies to rest. AJ came in with her bunny and wanted her picture made. So here it is.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Anna June decorated the kid-sized tree at church. And she took this picture.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Just a Second

Here are some pictures of AJ after her Christmas program last week.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Anna June lost her first tooth on Thursday, December 5, 2013, at the age of 5.

The new gap on the bottom compliments her natural gap on the top.

She woke up at 5:19 this morning, from a nightmare that she had swallowed her tooth. She was glad to see that, instead, the Tooth Fairy left her $2, and left the tooth for the "baby's first tooth" keepsake box.

It was time. The tooth fairy pillow has not yet arrived, but it will be here for all the others she must lose in due time.

I had to pull it. She was crying (allegedly about something else) and it was so very loose I had only to wiggle it a couple of times and it practically fell out. She didn't want to do it herself.

My dad informs me that I cried until he went ahead and pulled my teeth, too.

She was about 5 months old when she cut her first tooth - I had to check the blog, because I didn't remember. I documented all teeth, I believe, as they almost all came with all the classic symptoms of teething: fever, diarrhea, fussiness from discomfort.

Time has flown. She's not a baby with bottles and diapers. She's a big girl now, with homework to do, and parties and performances to attend. I have to admit that I like the pulling teeth age better than the growing teeth age, although we watched some adorable videos we've posted through the years last night. It was fun to watch kid-sized AJ watch (and be embarrassed by) toddler AJ. She thought it was funny she couldn't pronounce "Radar" (Dar-dar) or "Chick-fil-A" (chi-chay).

I feel like this is a big milestone. We're trying not to think of the ones that come next, and just kind of enjoy this magical age.

Monday, December 2, 2013

News Flash

Anna June has a loose tooth. She keeps trying to wiggle it when she's eating, which is when it hurts. We ordered a Tooth Fairy pillow to hang on her door so that the Tooth Fairy doesn't a) hurt herself trying to enter AJ's room and b) wake her up. We'll see if it gets here before she needs it.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Puzzle Mania

Anna June loves to do puzzles. On Wednesday, she took a 100 piece puzzle to Camp Nana and worked it with Uncle Drew, who is probably our family's best puzzle worker.

On Thursday, we didn't have much time at home, but I pulled out the 24-piece puzzle that AJ got from trick-or-treating at Aunt Connie's house. She had that done before I could clear the rest of the table.

She was acting bored on Friday morning, so she did that one again. I opened up her box of puzzles, and she worked 4 more: a SpongeBob floor puzzle (46 pieces) a Hello Kitty lenticular puzzle (100 pieces - I helped only minimally), and a couple of Melissa and Doug puzzles. She's worked all these before, but now, she doesn't need our help.   

Then, she worked all the other puzzles in the house, from 5-100 pieces. I decided to give them away and took to Facebook. I now have takers for several, especially the babyish ones. I may have to let her keep the rest - she's kind of obsessed.

In these pictures, she's holding up her Etch-a-Sketch. She drew some very tiny thing on it. I have no clue why she wanted to be photographed with it, except that it was stored with the puzzles and now she associates it with them.

I hope Santa brings more puzzles!