Friday, November 22, 2013

This Guy

Anna June May be fine, but her dad has strep throat. 
AJ made him a get well card. It has a rainbow and is precious. We're going to try to spend the weekend recovering. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, Tenandonee!!! This is , like , your 395th case of Strep , in your life time. I don't even know HOW this is possible! I HOPE you are taking some time off of work , and NOT kissing anyone. MAYBE WE SHOULLD DONATE YOU TO SCIENCE. I hope you feel better fast. And I hope everyone else will get over the cold that you all are sharing, without further complications. DON'T FORGET TO GARGLE W/ SALT WATER! aND MAKE SOME hOT TODDYS1 RESt!

Laura Gallitz said...

Interestingly, AJ asked me if you can only get Strep once. My response was, "I wish!" Because she is still complaining of a sore throat, I am taking her to the doctor this afternoon just to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Good Idea. Let us know. BTW, Shenandoah, nice pic!!