Thursday, November 14, 2013

Star Student

Anna June's school held awards assemblies on Friday to honor the children who made the honor roll. Pre-K and Kindergarten don't technically get grades, but they joined the other grades in honoring those kids with perfect attendance. In addition, each class gave a "Good Citizen" award. This month, the theme was "respect." So each teacher honored a student that had been the most respectful in their class.

Anna June was named her class's honoree. Since they sent a note home, we knew about it ahead of time. I asked the teacher for more details, and took off work to attend the assembly.

I am so glad I did. It was precious to see all the little kids (Pre-K through 2 at this program, grades 3-5 at a later one) go up to receive their ribbons and certificates. One teacher even got Chuck E Cheese gift certificates for free tokens to give her honorees, which I saw as a First Grader showed his mom sitting next to me.

No one in AJ's class had perfect attendance - thanks, head lice! So when Mrs. Barrett took the microphone, it was only to announce her good citizen for the month of October. (I guess they didn't do September.)

At home, AJ had been pretty proud of the award. But then, she started to worry about tripping across the stage. As an introvert, it must be hard for her to accept recognition in front of hundreds of people.

She had better get used to it. I imagine this is just the first of many awards to cone in her long academic career. Before now, though, aside from getting to pull from the treasure box at the end of the week like all the kids who've stayed on "green" has been her only recognition. This is her first real award for something she's accomplished on her own and not just participated in.

I am just about as proud as I can be.

She was pretty embarrassed when she got her certificate. But let's just call it humble. After all, you'd expect that from the most respectful kid in the class.


Anonymous said...

I had missed this post for a bit , it seemingly being buried under the top most blog, BUT- this is WONDERFUL !! An award for being the most respectful student is just WONDERFUL!! What a great thing to recognize!! W hat a GREAT trait that my grandchild has!! What great parenting this speaks of !!I am about to burst !! I really think that it is better than an academic award, by miles!!! WAY TO GO < YOU ALL !!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

Sorry - I started drafting it earlier in the week and the Blogger app on my phone wanted to post it on the original date. I had to revise from a real computer so it would stay in order of the day I actually posted.

I am glad that the counselor (and school) uses Positive Behavior Support (PBS). I hope that this will rub off on some of her classmates, who can't seem to stop having behavior problems. It's many of their first time in school, and, well, AJ's been in organized group child care her whole life. She's got this listening thing down.

And she's a pretty great kid.