Sunday, December 1, 2013

Puzzle Mania

Anna June loves to do puzzles. On Wednesday, she took a 100 piece puzzle to Camp Nana and worked it with Uncle Drew, who is probably our family's best puzzle worker.

On Thursday, we didn't have much time at home, but I pulled out the 24-piece puzzle that AJ got from trick-or-treating at Aunt Connie's house. She had that done before I could clear the rest of the table.

She was acting bored on Friday morning, so she did that one again. I opened up her box of puzzles, and she worked 4 more: a SpongeBob floor puzzle (46 pieces) a Hello Kitty lenticular puzzle (100 pieces - I helped only minimally), and a couple of Melissa and Doug puzzles. She's worked all these before, but now, she doesn't need our help.   

Then, she worked all the other puzzles in the house, from 5-100 pieces. I decided to give them away and took to Facebook. I now have takers for several, especially the babyish ones. I may have to let her keep the rest - she's kind of obsessed.

In these pictures, she's holding up her Etch-a-Sketch. She drew some very tiny thing on it. I have no clue why she wanted to be photographed with it, except that it was stored with the puzzles and now she associates it with them.

I hope Santa brings more puzzles! 


Anonymous said...

I really like what I can see of the floor, and the rug!! AJ looks SO tall ! I KNOW that she is great w/ puzzles; I had that one here, in a Pirate book, that was very busy and took me a few to figure it out. SHe sort of flew right thru it. And that was the time before this summer when you visited, making her , FOUR????

Laura Gallitz said...

I think she has a natural ability. She has a lot of patience for figuring them out. Not a bad hobby.

Once we get the den cleaned up a little more, maybe I should post more pictures of how it looks right now. We haven't completely restored it since we had the floors put in, although we did manage to buy rugs.

SRG said...

AJ designed what she called a "tiny puzzle" on the Etch-a-Sketch. She was proud of it and I'm sure that why she wanted her picture taken with it.

Laura Gallitz said...

That makes so much more sense. I had no idea what she drew, but then, I didn't ask. Nothing I've ever drawn on an etch-a-sketch had a name or theme.