Friday, November 15, 2013

No Time

I asked Anna June if she felt like she needed cough medicine last night, and she said no. She had some chamomile tea with honey, and considered that her medicine. So I skipped it, but shouldn't have. She woke up twice, and the second time, instead of going straight to her room, I went to the kitchen in search of purple medicine.

"Mama mama mama mama mama!" She hoarsely called. 

I called back, "I'm in the kitchen getting you some medicine! I'll be right there!"

"Mama ma ma MAMA!" 

It reminded me of when she has night terrors and she can't respond to what I'm saying because she's actually asleep. 

"I said I'm coming. Did you think I left?"

"No," she replied. 

She reluctantly sat up and drank the (probably disgusting) medicine.

We all went back to sleep, but now it is time to get up and that is a scene I dread. TGIF.

I hope to blog this weekend. We have lots of pictures to share from October. But since I've been moving at work, I've had no time to blog like I want.  Here we a couple of pictures I took of AJ this week. 


Anonymous said...

This cold that is making the rounds, ( up here too; I am sure it is similar) does not want to go away! Susie and Nonny have had it twice, in succession. And , it made Grandma really ill. We thought that that was going to be it for her. I hope that you and Shenandoah have not caught it too. Poor wee girl .

Laura Gallitz said...

Well, we haven't NOT caught it. I am feeling slightly better, but still not well. We're all kind of stuffy in the sinuses. AJ keeps ALMOST running a real fever but not quite. We're plugging along, but trying to stay home to rest as much as possible. She lobbied for staying home from school today but to no avail.