Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kind of Sick

Anna June is kind of sick. She hasn't run a fever but has complained of a sore throat for days. Actually, she has complained of everything for days. It's her head, her nose, sneezing, coughing, her eyes, her legs, her stomach. She is tired, cranky, and doesn't feel well. I have been giving her medicine at night to help her sleep.

Before you ask, yes, we've all had our flu shots.

Monday night, I gave her Tylenol rather than Triaminic because she seemed to ache more than cough. That was a mistake. She fought us for an hour and a half at bedtime. She was too scared to sleep, and then, after I caved and laid down with her for a few minutes, there was much screaming and crying when I got up. 

So I drugged her again last night, after a warm bath with Epsom salts to help her poor, tired, growing muscles and bones. (Side note: with her new sneakers on, we measured her at 4 feet tall! No wonder she hurts - that's about 2 inches in 2 months.)

I hate giving her medicine when she's not really, really sick, but if she doesn't rest, she'll end up really, really sick anyway.

We keep checking her temperature, which is normal. I am not planning to take her to the doctor unless symptoms markedly worsen or a fever develops. Then, we will go and they will say there is nothing they can do: it is viral and she just needs rest.

I am glad we stayed home more than usual this weekend. I'm glad we avoided contact with little Wesley, although we'd all love to see him. I'm also glad that so far we haven't missed school or work with this. She even laid down at nap time at school yesterday - evidently only the kids who are not feeling well do this. 

Maybe the illness will be gone in a few days, and the extreme whiny-ness will subside.

If not, we'll re-evaluate. 

To mitigate the impact of such bad news, here is a series of self-portraits AJ made on our recent vacation.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm sorry to say this , and DO NOT PASS THIS on to her, but WORST HAIRDOS EVER!

I am sorry she doesn't feel well. I know you do everything possible to help; maybe its just a virus trying to win. Feel better, all!

Laura Gallitz said...

So, this was on our way from Ocean View, Delaware to Philadelphia, PA. I plan to post about the trip eventually, but one of the kids who came on the trip had HEAD LICE that Friday morning. I didn't wash my hair the whole trip, in order not to give the lice an advantage. We also did without our usual styling aids in order to pack light. So we used someone else's shampoo (when we used it) and no conditioner, no de-tangler, no macadamia oil, no nothing. Went to bed with probably wet-ish hair and didn't do anything to it the next day. I believe she brushed it and pulled her bangs back herself. Honestly, I'm surprised it looked this good.

I have no clue how the bangs growing out is going to work for her.