Friday, November 29, 2013

How We Spent Thanksgiving

Anna June had a good Thanksgiving. We had a big crowd, tons of food, and lots if fun. Here's what we did:

On Thanksgiving morning, we woke up and had a light breakfast. I made one of our family's favorites: corn casserole. I had not made it in a while. I encountered difficulty with the easy dish. 

First of all, there was difficulty shopping. We went to Trussville's Super Target on Tuesday night, even though it was raining and snow was predicted later in the night. We were prepared for a crowd, but everyone seemed to be at home. Other than that and bumping in to my old piano teacher, the shopping experience on the grocery side was less than super. 

The recipe calls for 2 cans of GreenGiant  Mexicorn. I found this, but the company inexplicably labeled it with some kind of new sub-brand: "steam fresh". I have no idea how, if at all, this is different, but it was what they had, so I bought it. Then, the recipe calls for a 5 oz. bag of Mahatma saffron yellow rice. There was none of this at Super Target. Instead, I bought an 8 oz. bag of Vigo saffron yellow rice. I was not going to a different store on the day before Thanksgiving. It would have to do.

I began making the dish early, in case there were issues. Of course there were. The main issue was I panicked.

I called my mom to ask if the corn should be drained, although if the truth is told, there's not a whole lot of liquid in the can. Once, I made a sweet potato casserole and failed to write down the instruction to drain the can of sweet potatoes. It turned out a soupy mess. My cousin and brother Patrick are known for their love of corn casserole and I did not want to fail them. Mom said drain them. I was glad I asked. I noted my copy of the recipe.

Luckily, I paid attention in math class, so I used my food scale to figure out how much 5/8ths of the cooked rice would be, reserving the rest for a later dinner. I had a crazy thought that the dish would be ruined by the switch of brands, because for some reason I thought the rice types were different, but they are not.

I thought AJ wanted to help me, but she ran off. This was good, because she missed my end of the conversation where she'd have heard me tell Mon that no, I had not planned on doubling the recipe. There'd be plenty of food.

I went back to my room, dejected, and told Ben I had officially ruined Thanksgiving.

To rectify my error, Mom instructed Rusty to assemble another one at the restaurant ASAP. He had ingredients on hand, as he'd been making them for his customers. But he didn't have much time to bake his. 

Mine was still slightly warm when I arrived, but it got reheated and lost a little liquid in the process. Maybe I shouldn't have drained the corn after all. Rusty's baked in haste, was a little soupy. Guests were instructed to get a spoonful of each and stir.

Thanksgiving is not all about the food, but you could have fooled us. We had 3 turkeys and a ham, 4 pans of dressing (also called stuffing if you're not from around here), and it got more ridiculous from there, including 9 desserts.

How many kinfolk were there? Let's count: Connie and Tim (the hosts), Mom and Dad, Granddaddy Jerome, Drew, Patrick, Liz and their son Wesley (who is 10 months old now!), Rusty, Beth, Beth's parents Tom and Cheryl, Grandma Hazel, Heidi and her daughter Morgan (and Morgan's boyfriend Travis, who only stopped by), Scott, Jean, and their kids Collin, Claire, and Ella, and Ben, Anna June, and me. I think that's 25. Believe it or not, that's a smallish crowd.


Anna June had a great time playing tag with my cousins in the front yard. Then, they came inside and played pool. Later, we played Thanksgiving JINGO, a game very similar to Bingo, but the spaces called are pictures associated with educational Thanksiving facts, and they don't have to be in a certain column. AJ's teacher sent it home with her. She didn't win, but had fun playing with all 4 participating generations.

We packed up our leftovers in our own Tupperware, and left to go home. We ended up watching a movie on Netflix: The Land Before Time X: The Great Migration. Stretched out on the couch, I fell asleep and snored loudly almost immediately. I woke up to see the main plot of the movie: youngster Littlefoot has been raised by his grandparents, due to an absent father and a mother who had been killed. In this great migration, he meets and builds a relationship with his biological father, who leads a herd. The herd is (presumably) too big to return to the Great Valley where Littlefoot lives, so he must decide whether to stay with his grandparents or go with his father. He eventually picks his grandparents, but the whole scene, including a musical number with his friends assuring him they'd still be his friends regardless of his choice, was too much for us. We bawled. We were still crying through all the credits and after. Since we had both just spent the day with our parents and grandparents, such a choice was too heartbreaking. 

Overall, it was still a great day. We are thankful.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pics of Grandaddy Jerome w/ the grandkids!! AJ likes that skirt these days , eh ? Wesley certainly looks like a handsome little guy! He's grown so much !It sounds as if the Tuckers outdid themselves with the feasting , again. The little girl cousins ---so cute !They too are growing up.! I;m sure thqta your corn casserole wa s delish ! I've never had that, but it sounds so yummy . I , not too long ago, made a curry corn chowder, which did not turn out resembling a soup hardly at all. I think I was supposed to use creamed corn , and I USED WHOLE/. Made a Huge difference. You probably wouldn't have made THAT mistake !

Laura Gallitz said...

Well...she sort of likes the skirt. While the temperatures are back in the 60s this week, it was cold on Thanksgiving day. She had already worn her pair of non-jeans that are not capris that are not uniforms since laundry was done, so we had a HUGE to-do over what to wear. We finally came up with the compromise of a skirt and leggings but were at odds about what goes together and what doesn't. She is still extremely picky. THANK GOD for uniforms. I mean that sincerely.

By the time we got there, she was fine, but leaving the house took forever.

The feast was fantastic. The corn casserole was good. AJ even tried some, allegedly for the first time. I will make it next time you come down if you remind me.

Curry corn chowder sounds good. I probably wouldn't have substituted whole corn for creamed corn, but I have certainly made worse mistakes.

Claire and Ella are getting big. I think they're in 6th and 5th grade. They are just beautiful. In some pictures, AJ looks like their sister.

Wesley is adorable - he's almost too big to call a baby, but he's the prettiest baby we've ever seen. And happy! He's such a happy guy. He dances, he talks. He's precious.

I wish Granddaddy Jerome had gotten in more pictures with the kids, but I was just sort of snapping haphazardly. I wish Dad would make the one Ben took (the one that's in focus) with AJ and Wesley his profile picture.