Saturday, November 9, 2013

Down Time

Anna June seemed overwhelmed by school, Halloween, and vacation all at once, so I made her an offer I knew she wouldn't refuse: let's stay home this weekend.

By stay home, I mean fewer errands to run, fewer meals out, and no extraneous commitments.We are skipping date night to stay home with AJ - we may watch a movie.

AJ has been excited for this all week.

We've started a 500 piece puzzle, and she's currently playing with her dolls. She has read them books and taken them places.

We still had to go to swim lessons, but came back after lunch.

She loves pretending. She invented something called "rose garden time" when she could do whatever she wanted.

That reminded me of something I've had on the fridge, saving for a post. She invites her imaginary friends over for parties. The guest list for one was recently saved:

I hope they all had a good time.

My rose garden time is over and I have to get back to laundry.

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Anonymous said...

Smith?? We LIKE that name. I see that you made the cut! I need some 'Rose Garden Time ' myself! Sure do ! ( isn't she just too sweet ????) Tell Shenandoah NOT to give you a hard tome about that photo. I LIKE to see him and you too , you know! I think you timed your 'down time ' weekend perfectly . Just to let you know, it is SNOWING here! Things were white covered in a fewq minutes !!I'm SO glad I raked a few days ago. TAKE CARE!