Friday, October 25, 2013

The Before Picture: Teacher Work Day

Anna June is predictable in her unpredictability.

If I tell her that I really need her help getting ready, she'll either be the most cooperative kid on earth, demonstrating how grown up she is, or she'll suddenly lose the capability of independent movement.

I know I've written about this before. Forgive the broken record.

I read an article about how to keep your kids from becoming brats. One rule was don't call your kids more than once to wake up - let the alarm clock do it, and let her be responsible. That is a lovely theory. I hope it works for the author and all of her followers. But for me, it is not working whatsoever.

We all know that AJ doesn't get enough sleep. We all know that she's terrible at sleeping even when she does go to bed without a fight.

Maybe Daylight Savings Time this weekend will help.

Today was a Teacher Work Day. I don't like this title, as teachers work every day. But the kids were out of school, and UAB was open, so they took the opportunity to do a service and make some money, so AJ was off to Adventure Camp.

She wanted to wear one of her favorite summer outfits, but I explained to her the high was only in the 50s today. She decided to wear it anyway, adding leggings and a sweater. She had to wear the same sneakers she wore this summer, too, but actually, they're getting too small (the shoes she wears to school are fine, though). The fight over clothes made me thankful for uniforms once again.

I'm getting a new set of responsibilities at work, and things like being on time and keeping the personal stuff at home will be even more important. Right now I enjoy a certain degree of freedom, but I have to move offices, and I will have to make adjustments.

I tried to explain this to AJ. She just kept lying there. Eventually, she got up, but wandered into my bedroom, and I had to call her several times to come to the bathroom and to get ready. I essentially had to dress her. She's more than capable, but, well, today's excuse was, "My legs are too tired."

Side note: she does flail about in her sleep quite a bit. I am not doubting the veracity of her statement.

Yes, I know preparing the night before is key. And preparing on the weekends. And getting up earlier. And going to bed earlier. And. And.

But this morning, AJ got ready for day camp (eventually) and we got out the door.

However, her hair was not brushed. I had packed a brush and ponytail holders in her backpack, at her request, in case some of her counselors who liked to do her hair this summer ended up there for one-day camp. She decided she would do it herself.

We are headed to the beauty parlor tomorrow, so don't worry too much about those bangs in her face. Just consider this the "before" picture.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think that it is very good that she has the dexterity and coordination to do her own hair. Maybe it doesn't exactly turn out like we would do it , but , I think it's quite good!!

What's up w/ your new job responsibilies? Not your nice private office with the couch!!!!!!

Laura Gallitz said...

I will be trading the couch for a small fridge and microwave. Still have a window, this time with a better view. Less privacy - bathroom will be shared.

Anonymous said...

LAURA!!!!! If you have had it with blogging and are never going to blog again, you have to break it to me gently, and wean me down off of it . But please don't leave me here salivating and torturing over it , not to mention the tic I have developed..............